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If you are referring to a standard track, no. 4 laps would equal 1 mile. 6 laps would equal 1.5 miles.

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Q: Is a mile 6 laps around a blacktop?
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How many laps equal one mile on a field?

If its a track oval, its four laps for a mile. 2 laps for half a mile. if around a football feild, itd be about 4.5 laps

How many times around a track for 1.5 mile?

6. Because 4 laps around is 1 mile.

How many times around the track will equal a mile an a half?

on an outdoor track, 6 times around is a mile and a half. four laps is a mile.

How man laps does a ahtlete have to run for 1500meters?

1600 is 4 laps(mile) but i think its like 6 or 7 and a half laps around the track.

How many laps around a 300 meter track makes a mile?

5 1/3 laps a mile is 1600 m, so 1600 divided by 300 is the number of laps

How many times do you have to run around the track for 1.5 mile run?

A mile around a standard 400m track is 4 laps. So you need to run 6 laps around the track to cover 1.5 miles.

How many laps would make a mile if the track was 0.6?

You are asking how many laps would make a mile if it were a .6 mile track. So that is 1 lap / .6 miles. Simply divide 1/.6 and you get 1.66 laps per mile.

How many laps on a track that takes 6 laps for a mile is 300 meters?

1.118 laps (rounded)

How many miles have you walked if eight and two thirds laps equals a mile and you have walked 50 laps?

Divide your total number of laps walked by the number of laps in one mile. 50 laps walked / 8.3333 laps in one mile = 6 miles.

How many laps on treadmill equal a mile?


How many laps on a treadmill equal one mile?


How many times around liliuokalani gardens equals a mile?

one lap is .6 miles. So almost two full laps is a mile

On a regulation track how many laps equal a mile and one half?

about 6 laps from what Ive heard.

Sing Lu jogs around a park near her house 3 times a week. the distance around the park is 0.8 mile. how many laps around the park are necessary to run 6 miles?

7.5 laps. divide 6 by .8

How many laps do you need to run around a tennis court to make a mile?

I believe about 14 laps around one tennis court is a mile. But it depends on the size you could always test it out by running it. The standard timedepending on your age could be between 6-13 minutes for a mile. So if you run 14 and get around that time its probabaly about a mile.

How many laps around a track would a runner run for 1.5 miles?

Around a track that is 400m around to run 1.5 miles you would have to run 6 laps. 4 laps is one mile.Since 400 meters is a little over 8 feet short of a quarter mile, you would actually have to go about 50 feet past the 6 lap mark for a more precise mile and a half.

How many laps around a high school track equals 0.5 mile?

2 = .5 mile 4= 1mile 6= 1.5 mile depending on if the track is the standard 400 yard track

How many laps around a track equals 1.4 miles?

a little under 6 laps... 6 laps would be 1.5 miles

What is 6 laps around the track in kilometres?


On a college soccer field how many laps is a mile?

It varies because fields are different sizes. But it should be somewhere around 6 or 7 for an averae size field.

How may laps is 1.5 miles on a track?

each lap is 1/4 of a mile, so that would be 6

How far is 1.5 miles on a 400 meter track?

Traditionally in track and field, a one mile run is 1600m = 4 laps of a standard 400m track. A mile is actually about 1609m, but any mile events are rounded to 1600m. In that case, 1.5 miles would be 6 laps or 2400m.

How many laps is 150 yards in swimming?

6 laps

How many laps around a football field equal 1.5 miles?


How many miles are there in 6 laps around a race track?

1.5 miles