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it is not required but it helps, because they generally pay for you to swim

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Q: Is a high school diploma required to become a professional swimmer?
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Do you need to go to college to become a professional swimmer?

There are not many professional swimmers. No, you do not need to go to college to be a professional swimmer. However, it would be a good idea to go to college. :)

What are the requirements become professional teachers in Australia?

To become a professional teacher in Australia, one has to complete a diploma or degree in education.

Is a high school diploma needed to become a professional basketball player?

Probably not

What is the least education required to become a pharmacist?

high school diploma

How can one become a chef in Texas?

Everyone can become a professional chef in Texas by getting a diploma . The best way to become a real professional chef in Texas is going to school .

How do you become a professional swimmer?

Work hard and keep at it! don't get down because of one meet or one event!!

What is required to become a professional soccer player?


Can you become a manager without a high school diploma at mcdonalds?

You use to be able to, but now; No you can't, you are required to attain a high school diploma.

What skills do I need to become a travel agent?

In order to become a travel agent, you must have a high school diploma. To be successful, you must be organized, detail-oriented, professional, and courteous. Good writing and sales ability are also required and necessary.

What education and training is required to become an Emergency medical technician?

As stated by the department of labor, an high school diploma is usually required to become a basic level EMT.

Do you need a diploma or GED to become a bartender?

no no ged or high school diploma required you can just pay take classes and be certified and now your a bartender

What are the educational requirements to become a professional speaker?

To become a professional speaker, you are required to take psychology, sociology and other people related courses. You will also be required to attend workshops and seminars before you become qualified.

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