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No, it's legal to go back head first.

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Q: Is a head first slide legal going back to a base in little league?
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Are Soccer cleats legal in little league baseball?

no one is going to complain in little league

How do you be the king of games?

By going into the dueling league and coming in first place in every tournament and using a legal deck with no forbidden cards!

Is the h2 hybrid legal in little league?

yes in majors and minors

Is Easton BZN11 IMX bat legal for use in little league?


Are carbon fiber baseball bats legal in little league?

No, composite bats, including those that use carbon fiber, have been banned for use in Little League.

Is the VDB11 Demarini legal for 2013 little league?

Yes, of it says bbcor certified .5 then yes.

Are wood bats legal in little league baseball?

Yes, but why use it, it isn't better than aluminum

Is the demarini black -9 legal to use in little league?

The barrel of the bat may be no bigger than 2 1/4 diameter usually. It most likely will say "Little league approved" on the barrel

Should the Omen baseball bat be illegal?

The Omen should not be illegal, even if the people working with Little League decide to ban the Omen Easton would still have a legal composite bat: The S1. The easton company also sponsors Little League. So I think the Easton Omen should be legal.

Referee at little league basketball game is the uncle of player on team is this legal?

no because he might cheat for the person the ref is related on

Is it illegal to jump over a player to avoid a tag in Virginia?

It depends. In the major leagues it is legal, but depending on which level of baseball your talking about (Little League, College, High School) it may not be legal.

Is the demarini cf5 -8 full composite legal for 13 year old little league Bat is usssa 1.15 approved?