Is a demerini cf3 a good bat?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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cf3s are a lot better than CF4s.

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Q: Is a demerini cf3 a good bat?
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Is the cf3 a good bat?

it is a good bat but sometimes goes dead really quick because my friend got one and went dead after 12 games

What is the best big barrel bat in the world?

tpx Triton but i also like the demerini vendetta

What is the better bat cf3 or the cf4?

It is a matter of choice.

What is the best type of composite bat?

In my oppinion it would be the COMbat or a CF3 Black.

Are they going to make a CF3 white baseball bat in youth?

No. They only make 2 models of each cf bat

What bat hit the ball further?

A metal bat hits the ball further than a wooden bat because metal is harder than wood.

What is the best type of baseball bat?

The Demarini CF3. The Demarini CF3. Umm, no. Easton Stealth is the best selling. It has come in many models over the years. Check out for some quality information on baseball bat reviews.

Which bat is betterThe Easton Omen or the Demarini CF4?

Well, the Easton Stealth is a fairly good bat; which as the CF3 is amazing. I have one and I hit bombs. The Stealth takes longer to break in, while the CF3 does not. But when the Stealth is broken in it's amazing too, but i would go with the CF3.

What is better tpx exogrid or demarini cf3?

the exogrid is better for contact but the cf3 is better for power

Are cf3 -3 bats illegal?

For the most part the CF3 is a non authorized bat. The CF3 by Demarini is not a BBCOR bat nor does it meet the BPF 1.15 standard that almost all organized baseball organizations demand. That means the -3 drop version of the bat is not approved for high school play and the -5 through -10 versions are not approved for use in Little League, Pony, USSSA or Cal Ripken. Most older bats are like this. Just about anything made prior to 2011 is now illegal to use in most organized leagues. This was due to the extremely high baseball exit speeds when these bats were used. The risk of injury to pitchers was dramatically increased with these bats.

Can you use a -8.5 aluminum bat in babe Ruth leagues?

Yes you can! Especially since it's aluminum... I recommend a composite bat though. Composite bats have way more pop than aluminum bats. I would recommend the cf3 or cf4 for a new bat. Or try the stealth!

How much is a demarini bat?

The price of a Demarini bat varies by the type and barrel size. The average Demarini bat probalbly costs around $200-250.