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Q: Is a baseball home plate the same size for all ages?
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How far is it from home plate to the pitchers mound in midget league baseball?

The distance from home plate to the rubber for midget baseball is the same as the MLB distance, 60.5 feet (60'6")

Are all Major League Baseball baseball fields the same measurements for home runs?

No. Not all MLB fields are the same dimensions. The base paths and the distance from home plate to the pitcher's mound are all the same but the actual "home run" measurements vary.

What is the distance from first base to home plate in baseball?

Do the math by using pythagoream therom. make a triangle using homeplate first base and second base with the bases being 90 ft apart. the distance from home plate to 2nd base comes out to 127ft 4in.

What did wives do in middle ages?

same things they do today stay home and cook and clean

Which professional baseball players have hit home runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning?

Mark Bellhorn of the Chicago Cubs in the fourth inning of a game on August 29, 2002 and Carlos Baerga of the Cleveland Indians in the seventh inning of a game on April 8, 1993 are the only two players that have hit home runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning.

How far is the pitcher mound to home plate for minor league little league?

Both Major League Baseball and their Minor League Teams (A, AA, AAA) play on fields of the same dimensions. So it is 60' 6" from the front of the pitcher's plate to the back tip of home plate.

Why is baseball's playing area called a diamond?

If you drew a line from home plate to first base, first base to second base, second base to third base, and third base to home plate, you would have a square. This is because the distance between those bases is the same (90 feet). A square turned on its side is a diamond.

How far is the pitching mound from homeplate in baseball?

The distance from the pitching rubber to the back tip of home plate in professional, college and high school baseball is 60 ft. 6 in. In some leagues 13-14 will pitch from that same distance, but in some they will throw from 54 ft. as a transition from little league to high school. I would check with your rules for your league and work from there.

In 11U what is the length from pitchers mound to home plate?

46 feet, which is the same for a Little League (up to age 12) baseball fields.

How far is a pitchers mound from home plate in little league?

Same as MLB 60' 6''

How far is it from the pitching rubber to second base in major league baseball?

I believe it's the same distance as the rubber is to home plate, 60 feet, 6 inches.Ken Fougère

How far is mound from plate in college baseball?

Same as in the Major Leagues -- 60 feet, 6 inches.