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the rule states that if the ball rolls foul and then rolls back into fair territory before it reaches third or first base, it is indeed a fair ball

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Q: Is a ball foul if it rolls out in foul territory and back in fair territory before it reaches 3rd base or first base foul?
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If a batter hits a ball and it initially rolls into foul territory but then rolls into fair territory before first base where it is fielded is it a fair ball?

Yes, it would be fair as long as it is fielded before first or third base or comes in contact with the base.

If a ball hits the ground in foul territory then goes fair is it fair or foul?

well if its rolls into fair territory before it passes either the third or first base then it would be fair

Is it foul ball if it lands in outfield and then rolls into foul?

No. A ball that first lands in fair territory beyound 1st or 3rd base is considered a fair ball no matter where is rolls after that. However, if this happened in the infield (ie. before 1st or 3rd base) this would be considered a foul ball if the ball stops in foul territory or is first touched in foul territory.

Is a ball considered fair or foul if it pops up lands foul and then rolls into fair territory?

If the ball lands foul past first or third base the ball is foul regardless of where it rolls. If the ball lands foul before first/third base and rolls fair before first/third base, the ball is fair. If the ball lands foul before first/third base and rolls foul past first/third base, the ball is foul. If the ball is touched while it is in foul territory before reaching first or third base it is considered foul and vise versa if it is touched in fair territory. Otherwise whether it is fair or foul is determined by where the ball stops. ** if the ball hits any part of 1st or 3rd base it is a fair ball

A bunted ball hits home plate first then rolls into fair territory is it fair or foul?

its fair

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What is a ball hit in the infield called?

If the ball remains in fair territory and the batter reaches base safely, it's called an infield hit. If the ball stays in the infield, but rolls into foul territory, it's called a foul ball. Anything else is an out.

Can a ball hit in foul territory be fair?

If the batter hits the ball and it hits any part of a field player or their glove before it falls or rolls into foul territory it is indeed a fair ball.

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If a ball is hit in foul territory before first and third base and rolls fair is it a foul or fair ball?

Is the baseball is hit inside the batter's box or is hit in fould ground before first and third base then the ball is foul even if the ball comes back into fair ground. Thing to remember is once the ball hits any fould territory then it will be foul no matter what happens after the play.

When a pop fly goes over 1st in fair territory and then drifts and lands in foul territory past 1st base is it considered fair or foul?

If the ball first lands in foul territory, then it is a foul ball. If the ball lands in fiar territory and rolls into the foul territory after first base, it's a fair ball. - So, if the ball is in the air in fair territory and drifts to foul after first base still in the air, makes first contact with the ground in foul territory, it's a foul ball.

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