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its a decent marker but a horrible value, for the money you can do much better in todays market

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Q: Is a Proto SLG a good paintball gun?
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How much does the proto slg 2009 paintball gun weigh?

2 lbs. 2 oz

What's the difference between proto slg 2009 and 2010 paintball gun models?

There isn't a Proto Slg 2010 Unless your thinking of a Pmr Which is a all round higher quality marker

The best paintball gun for less then 2000?

Under $200- proto slg sits at $200 but an azoin blitz is nice too

What is the best paintball gun for me I play woodsball and hyperball - My position is MID field and I need a gun under 250 What gun is that?

not a spyder e-mr1. the new proto slg 09 with an upgraded barrel.

You have a Sp vibe and you were thinking about an proto slg basic instead what should you do?

If you are thinking about getting a better gun because you have been playing for a while (which is what i am guessing) then go with the proto slg and sell the vibe. The proto slg is a good gun for the price and has all the modes you would need on it and is pretty accurate. Another good gun that is around the price is the azodin blitz. It is a good cheap gun that i have been playing with for about a year and 4 months and it has not failed me yet.

What to buy xbox360 or paintball gun?

I LOVE PAINTBALL i have both a paintball gun and a 360 i love my 360 but no exersize i love paintball so much more and would take it over video games any day so much to do with paintball upgrade your gun go to diff fields CLEAN IT lol take the paintball gun some cheap starter guns are the "azodin blitz" 170$ "Proto SLG 2009 basic" 200$ "Azodin Kaos" 85$ those are some good guns well have fun with your choice hope i helped!

What is the most recognized speedball paintball gun?

Smart Parts Ion, Dangerous Powers G3, proto Slg, and Invert Mini, are the most common speed ball guns.

Is the stingray paintball gun good?

its a good starter gun

Good paintball gun under 200 dollars?

The Proto SLG is a good gun for $200. It's got break beam eyes, and it shoots up to 25 bps. I myself wouldn't get the gun though because for just another 50 dollars, you can upgrade to the Proto PMR, which is the gun I use. It's a lot better, and it's worth the price. Also, I heard that the Smart Parts Ion was a good gun. I've never used one but I hear it's one of the best beginner guns.

Are spring loaded paintball guns good?

No. They are not really paintball gun, but toys.

What should I get for a paintball gun I like Etek 3 LT but is there any gun better at same price?

At that price there is only the Proto 2011 and the dangerous powers FX. If you want a spool valve gun, go with the proto, but I believe the ETEK is the best choice.

Is it good to buy a paintball gun online?

As long as you get a good gun, it does not matter where you buy it.

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