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I would think that is a reasonable start. Fast walking should produce a mile in 15 minutes. The nine minutes should be able to be improved on though.

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Q: Is a 9 minute mile good time for a person that exercises but doesn't run regularly?
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How many calories are required by a person when exercising regularly?

it depends on the exercises regimen but a normal person should eat about 1,200 a day.

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A person can decrease their chances of having a heart attack by living healthily. If a person eats a healthy diet, exercises regularly, avoids stress, alcohol and smoking, they can maintain a healthy heart.

What are the characteristics of physically fit person?

the characteristics of a physically fit person can vary from person to person as there are different aspects to be considered in physical fitness, but the general conception of a physically fit person is someone who doesn't smoke or binge drink, follows a balanced diet and exercises regularly.

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