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Q: Is a 5.89 a good 40 yard dash time for a 9th grade lineman?
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What is a good time in the 400 meter dash for a 7th grade girl?

Somewhere in the sixty second range

What is a good time for a grade 5 boy in 400 meter dash?

Well I'm in seventh grade and can run about a 1:03-1:04, but I suppose a good fifth grade time would be about 1:12-1:13. My son's in the 5th grade (just 10) and he runs a 1.04. That is a very good time. How do you mean good though? I guess under 1.10 is good.

Is 78 seconds a good 400m dash time for an 11 yr old sixth grade girl?

Yes when an eleven year old girl can do dash time in 78 seconds of 400m it is good timing. It really just depends on the health of the person and how good they are at doing it.

What is the average run time for 100 yard dash for an 8th grade boy?

the average time should be 12-14. the good athlete will be running a 11.5 or under

What is a good 800 meter dash time for a girl in the 6th grade?

depending on how fast you can run i'd say 3:00-3:30

What is a good time in the 70 meter dash?

a good time in the 70 meter dash for an olympic medalist would be about 6.8 to 7.6

What is a good time for 6th graders in 100 m dash?

Well, I am twelve almost thirteen and i got a 14.6 the first time I timed my 100 meter sprint and I am in 6th grade

Is my 40 yard dash time good im 5'7 165 and run a 4.9?

Depends what grade your in It's not bad for a high school defensive back.

What is a good 40 yard dash time for a 14 year old?

A good dash time for a 14 tear old is around a 4.5

What is the fastest time for a girl in 7th grade for the 400 meter dash?

12-15 seconds

What is a good 400m time for a grade 7 girl?

1:12 or under is really good time for a girl in 7 grade

What is a good 100 meter dash time for a 15 year old boy?

A good time for 100 meter dash for your age is 11-12.5 seconds.

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