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i dont know the science behind it and it could probably be proven in a lab but i used to like 1 pieces but 2 peices get me better hits, it has a longer life span, and personally i have more confidence at the plate.

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No. Composite bats allow for significantly more ability to tune the properties of the material. The bats can be made to 'trampoline' more effectively with greater durability.

There ARE, however, multi-piece composite bats on the market, at least in the softball world.

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Q: Is a 2 piece bat better then a composite bat?
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Which bat is better a 2011 H2 or 2011 Easton Stealth?

if youre looking for a full piece half and half bat then get the h2, but if you want a 2 piece with some pop then get the stealth. i would probably pick the stealth.

What is a mako bat?

A Mako bat is a neon orange/green composite bat that is best for little league or major little league. It has great pop and sweet spot is 2/3 of the barrel

Is a 1 piece better than a 2 piece on a scooter?

no 1 piece is better than a two piece.

What is better composite bat or aluminum?

Composite is better if you want more power, but you need to break in a composite bat (about 200 hits w/ leather baseballs). Aluminum is the best once you buy it then gradually loses pop after each at bat. I bought one of each kind. Both work good for me, if you mix up the use of each. I would suggest that you get a "practice" bat and a game/cold weather bat. To preserve your $300-420$ bat.

What is better for a Baseball Bat - scandium Alloy or Composite?

Firstly, what does "better" mean? To some, the sound of the contact that is made between the bat and ball means better, while others will say further distance off the bat is better and to others price can be better. If price were not the issue, composite is better to me. Better to me is the combination of distance off the bat, feel of the ball speed and impact off the bat and lastly, the sound it makes. Composites make a pop or rifle crack sound while scandium (another form of stronger aluminum that's mixed with boron) makes a ping sound. Secondly, inspite of all the advertising that composites are space-aged advanced hardened, long lasting materials made to endure hit after hit, the truth so far, is that composites don't last anywhere as long as scandium bats. Composites will crack / break much sooner than scandium / aluminum. My 14 year old son, who's a good hitter with average power, has gone through 3 composite bats, in a 3 year period. The experience with other kids we've grown up with have similar experiences. Until there's an objective and scientific breakthrough that proves composite to be superior to scandium, it's all marketing. Personally, what ever makes your kid (or you, since you're spending the dough) feel better, it's all a personal choice. I like the composites because of the feel, sound and over-all performance that I am willing to sacrifice the durability and price aspect. Lastly, think about this- would a bat that hits farther benefit your kid? That home run is still a home run whether it clears the fence by 2 feet or 20 feet; that soft line drive is a base hit at one at-bat and an out at another at-bat. You decide.

Proto 2 Piece barrel or Custom Products 2 piece barrel?

out of those two the proto will be better

Does a MLB bat have to be one solid piece of wood?

Yes. According to Rule 1.10(a): "The bat shall be a smooth, round stick not more than 2 3/4 inches in diameter at the thickest part and not more than 42 inches in length. The bat shall be one piece of solid wood."

Is 40 prime or composite?

Composite. It is 2 x 2 x 2 x 5.

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Component caries a better picture but you will need 2 extra cables for the audio.

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