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Q: Is Xizang now directly connected to Beijing by railroad?
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What is Xizang?

It is what westerners called "tibet". Xizang is one part of China

What is other name of Tibet?


What region contains Tibet?


What has the author Chunya Chai written?

Chunya Chai has written: 'Xizang hong yang pi shu' 'Xizang liu lang ji'

What is the Autonomous region of China also known as Tibet?


What Autonomous region of china also known as the Tibet?


What has the author Jinshan Hu written?

Jinshan. Hu has written: 'Xizang \\'

What is the capital of Xizang?

Lhasa...Xi-Zang is what Chinese call Tibet.

What has the author Meifen Yang written?

Meifen. Yang has written: 'Xizang'

What has the author Shijiang Ling written?

Shijiang Ling has written: 'Xizang shi jian' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Chinese essays 'Shuo hao yi qi qu Xizang'

What is distance between lahsa and urumqi?

The distance between Lhasa, Xizang, China and Urumqi, Xinijiang, China is 1657.9 miles. The journey takes approximately 2 days and 4 hours. Xizang is better known as Tibet.

What has the author Gang Che written?

Gang Che has written: 'Mi jing Xizang'