Is West Ham better than Liverpool?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Seeing as Liverpool are in the top half of the Premier League, and West Ham are in the Championship (the league lower).

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Q: Is West Ham better than Liverpool?
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Are Liverpool better than west ham united?


Who is the best west ham or liverpool?

west ham of course

Are arsenal better than west ham?

West Ham are far better than Arsenal, in your dreams.

Are west ham united better than arsnel?


Who did glen Johnson play for after west ham?


Who are better west ham or crystal palace?

Crystal Palace are by far better than West ham. West ham are bad and all their players are cammels. Dearren Ambrose is much better than Scott Parker and Scott Parker should be playing for Bromley Town FC

Why did kevin nolan leave Newcastle fc for west ham fc?

West Ham are a better club than Newcastle, for a start.

Who played 2006 fa cup final?

Liverpool and West Ham

Who is better Barcelona or west ham?

west ham of course barcelona are rubbish

What is the best team in the premiership?

Liverpool, Chelsea, and West Ham are popular choices for this title.

English player that has played for Liverpool Blackburn West Ham and Newcastle?

Craig Bellamy

What club had the most players when England won the world cup?

It was Liverpool and West ham.