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Q: Are Liverpool better than west ham united?
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Who is better westham or Liverpool?

Liverpool have had more success than West Ham.

Who is better Manchester United vs Liverpool?

United are way better...when last did Liverpool win a title? In the 80's...and look at this week's results, Liverpool got thumped by West Brom...Liverpool are going down..slowly but surely..they can't compete with clubs like United anymore

Is West Ham better than Liverpool?

Seeing as Liverpool are in the top half of the Premier League, and West Ham are in the Championship (the league lower).

Are west ham united better than arsnel?


Is Liverpool on the East coast or the west coast of the United Kingdom?


Liverpool vs West Ham United live can watch?

Liverpool vs West Ham United live you can watchYou can watch here free :

Are west ham united better that arsenal?

yes west ham are better than arsenal coz arsenal are pooish and west ham are fantastic

Are Liverpool FC and Manchester United derbies?

Yes, the matches between Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC are called the "North West derby".

Is Tottenham Hotspur better than West Ham United?

No tottenham are a dead team but west ham are fantastic

Which side is Liverpool on in the United Kingdom?

It's on the west-side of the country... just north of wales.

What team did Liverpool beat 2005 FA cup?

Liverpool beat West Ham United on penalties after the game finished 3-3 aet.

Last time Liverpool won FA cup?

The last time Liverpool won the FA Cup was in 2006: Liverpool 3 - 3 West Ham United 3-1 (penalties)

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