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Pele, of Brazil, was the youngest player to win a World Cup match.

the yougest person to play in a world cup match is listed by FIFA as Norman Whitside of Northern Ireland and Man Utd at the 1982 world cup aged 17 years 41 days.

Pele is the youngets player to appear in a final aged 17 years 249 days at the 1958 world cup.

Wayne Rooney made his debut for England aged 17, but did not appear at the world cup until 2006, then aged 20 and only 2 months away from his 21st birthday, so not the yougest by many years.

The youngest player to win the world cup is the Brazilian Ronaldo who was a substitute at the 1994 worl cup and received a winners medal aged 16 years!!

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Q: Is Wayne Rooney the youngest soccer player to have played in the world cup?
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