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Q: Is Viva Italia! correct or must one write Viva l'Italia?
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What is Italy's slogan?

Viva Italia! (Long LIve Italy)

What are the ratings and certificates for America's Next Top Model - 2003 Viva Italia 10-10?

America's Next Top Model - 2003 Viva Italia 10-10 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:AL

What does the phrase viva italia mean in English?

It means, "Long live Italy!"

What are the release dates for America's Next Top Model - 2003 Viva Italia 10-10?

America's Next Top Model - 2003 Viva Italia 10-10 was released on: USA: 23 April 2008 Netherlands: 2 March 2009 Hungary: 22 April 2009

Viva su vida?

Viva is not spanish. The correct conjugation is vive su vida, which means Live your life (formally).

What does VIVA mean?

Viva! means HOORAY, it is an exclamation of joy/ happiness. not to be confused with the spanish word (vida) which means life. ====================Correct Answer==================================================================

How many dream day wedding games are there?

dream day wedding (first) honeymoon first home viva las Vegas Bella italia married in Manhattan

How do you write a letter a immigrants?

in spanish ese viva mexico f*** who ever wrote this question 'Immigrants' to where from where?

Does a egg come out of a mine on viva pinata?

yes it does direct a cluckle to it i think it should be colourfull correct me if i am wrong

How much fiber is in Viva?

You'll have to be more specific. There's a Viva veggie wrap, a Viva brand of milk, a Viva burrito, a Viva salad dressing, a Viva krill oil, a Viva protein smoothie, a Viva brand of bread, etc.

Why is viva la revolucion not viva el revolucion Revolucion is masculine?

"Viva la revolución" is correct because "revolución" is a feminine noun in Spanish. The article "la" is used before feminine singular nouns.

What is the English translation of the Italian 'Viva Italia'?

"Always living," "ever lively," and "still alive" are English equivalents of the Italian phrase sempre viva. Context makes clear which meaning prevails for the adverb and feminine singular adjective. Regardless of meaning or use, the pronunciation will be "SEM-prey VEE-va" in Italian.