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ya, he's in 5th right now

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โˆ™ 2009-01-17 20:07:06
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Q: Is Undertaker on the Power 25?
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Who has a large power the undertaker or john cena?


Did undertaker win at WrestleMania 25?

Undertaker won. 17-0

Who will win at wrestlmania 25 hbk or undertaker?

undertaker did i seen it on my ppv box

Undertaker Vs Shawn Micheals WrestleMania 25?

awesome match. undertaker won

What is Undertaker's power?

He is immortal

When will undertaker return from WrestleMania 25?

he never left after wm 25

How long has Undertaker been fighting in the WWE?

The Undertaker has been fighting in the WWE for 25 years.

Where does the undertaker get his power from?

Black magic

Will undertaker win at wrestle mania 25?


Is the undertaker going to win at wreslemania 25?


Who won at WrestleMania 25 hbk or undertaker?


Who did the undertaker face at WrestleMania 25?

Shawn Michaels

Who won in WrestleMania 25 against hbk?

The undertaker

Who will face the undertaker at wrstlemania 25?

Shawn Michaels hbk

How old was the undertaker when he first started wrestling in the WWE?


Is undertaker retried?

Well at wrestlemania 25 it was undertaker vs Shawn micheals and at summer slam I HAVE BEEN TOLD Shawn micheals is coming back but the undertaker i do not no about but he will be retriering in the next 5 years

Why did Kane hurt the undertaker?

He was jeolous of his success and power.

Will American Badass return to WWE?

wrestlmina 25 undertaker will return.baddass

Is the undertaker facing against Shawn Michaels?

Yes, at wrestlemania 25

How many matches undertaker disputed?

25 28

Will undertaker ever be defeated at WrestleMania?

no way in hell, but the Triple H has a chance on beating undertaker because he has fought him in 2 years so, he has some experience so, the percentage in beating undertaker is 75% to 25%.

Does anybody know where Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker are?

Shawn Michales and the Undertaker are recovering from there match at Wrestlemania 25.But don't worry they'll be back soon.

Who are all the people undertaker beat at WrestleMania?

All the people I know is Edge atWrestleMania 24 HBK at 25 and undertaker will face HBK at WrestleMania 26

Did the undertaker retire?

he hurt his head at wrestlemania 25 he will always come back.........

What is the undertaker's record in matches vs Shawn Michaels?

undertaker has never beaten Shawn michaels, Shawn michaels has never beaten undertaker that's not true Shawn Michaels beat undertaker in the very first hell in a cell match.....because of Kane infact Shawn michaels never lost to the undertaker until WRESTLEMANIA 25