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Technically, no. There is no NFL hall of fame. He is, however, in the pro football hall of fame.

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Q: Is Troy Aikman in the NFL hall of fame?
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When did Troy Aikman NFL Football happen?

Troy Aikman NFL Football happened in 1994.

When was Troy Aikman NFL Football created?

Troy Aikman NFL Football was created in 1994-08.

In what year was 53 Harry Carson inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame?

Harry Carson was inducted in 2006 with John Madden, Troy Aikman, Rayfield Wright, Reggie White, and Warren Moon.

How many touchdowns did Troy Aikman have in the NFL?

Troy Aikman threw for 165 TDs in his career and rushed for 9 TDs.

What nfl quarterback has the most passing yards on thanksgiving day?

Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman holds the record for the most passing yards in a Thanksgiving day game. He threw for 455 yards versus the Minnesota Vikings 11/26/1998.

Where is the NFL hall of fame?

The NFL Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio.

Whose the best football player in the NFL?

Troy Aikman

Who were the contestants in the 1995 NFL Quarterback Challenge?

Troy Aikman

What NFL star did a cameo in GI Jane?

Troy Aikman

Did Joe Montana and Troy Aikman play football at the same time?

In the NFL, yes, between 1989-1994.Joe Montana's NFL career spanned 1979-1994. Troy Aikman's NFL career spanned 1989-2000.

Who was the cowboys 1 pick in the 1989 NFL Draft?

Troy Aikman

Does the NFL hall of fame pay you to be in the hall of fame?

No, you have to be retired to be in the Hall of Fame, therefor not being paid.

Who was the first player selected by the Dallas Cowboys in an NFL Draft?

The Cowboys first ever draft pick was Hall of Fame DT Bob Lilly out of TCU.AnswerBob Lilly The best player not in the NFL draft was Troy Aikman

Is ladanian tomlinson a hall of fame RB?

No, he is not in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Who are Hall of fame broadcasters in NFL hall of fame?

howard cosell

Who is the only kicker in the NFL hall of fame?

Jan Stenerud is the only true placekicker in the NFL Hall of Fame.

The last UCLA QB with a NFL winning record?

It would have to be Troy Aikman

Is doug Williams in NFL hall of fame?

No but he is in the college football hall of fame

When was William Perry inducted into the NFL hall of fame?

Perry is not in the Hall of Fame.

Is joe theismann in the hall of fame?

Hes in the college hall of fame but not the NFL

Who is in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Sam Huff. How much money does a nfl player get when they are induced into the hall of fame?

Was Tony Romo a third string quarterback for Troy Aikman?

No. In fact, Aikman had retired from the NFL before Romo ever started playing.

What is the value of an NFL football signed by Troy Aikman?

$500 at the least $1,000 at the most

Is Troy Aikman still alive?

Yes, he's working as an announcer for NFL games

What year was Joe Montana inducted into the NFL hall of fame?

Joe Montana was inducted into the NFL hall of fame in the year 2000