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Q: Is Tony Parker brother playing basketball overseas?
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What team did candace Parker start playing basketball?

la sparks

What has made Candace Parker so popular?

Candace Parker is such a popular person because of the fact that she is a basketball player for the WNBA, while her older brother Anthony Parker plays for the NBA.

What do people think of female playing professional basketball?

It will probably never happen in the NBA because they aren't athletic enough and even Candace Parker's, the best WNBA player, brother, Anthony Parker who plays for the Cavs, says it won't happen

How many years has Candace Parker been playing basketball?

31 years she is so good!

When was Sonny Parker - basketball - born?

Sonny Parker - basketball - was born on 1955-03-22.

What team does the basketball player Tony Parker play for?

Professional basketball player Tony Parker plays for the San Antonio Spurs, which is a member of the National Basketball Association. Parker is originally from France.

Is Junior Parker Amonte Parker's brother?


Is Anthony Parker Candace Parker's brother?


What Basketball player has a sister that plays basketball?

Anthoy Parker from the Toronto Raptors has a sister named Candice Parker (I think that's how you spell it)who plays basketball.

What were the names of the ''Parker brothers'' names?

There was only one Parker Brother, named George S. Parker.

Who is Anthony Parker and who does he play for?

Anthony Parker is an NBA basketball player and he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Did Quanah Parker have any sisters or brothers?

Did Quanah Parker have a brother named Seth? He would have been a half-brother that took on the Parker last name.

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