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tonga is famous for Rugby

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Q: Is Tonga famous for a sport?
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What is the national sport of Tonga?


What sport is Tonga best at?

Anything to do with the arms.

What is the main sport played in Tonga?


What kinds of sport do Tonga people play at school?


What are Tongan sports?

The national sport of Tonga is rugby. Other popular sports in Tonga include judo, cricket, surfing,volleyball and football

How many sports are the country Tonga entering for the Olympics?

many sport

Famous landmarks in Tonga?

in tongas landmark

What country has rugby as their national sport?

New Zealand, Wales, Samoa, Fiji and Tonga are Countries that have Rugby Union as there National sport.

What country is Lou sipi made in?

in the famous tongatapu (tonga)

What is UK's Famous Sport?

Football is Uk'S FAMOUS SPORT

Show me pictures of deforestation in Tonga?

Temaleti Alatini is one of the famous person in Tonga. She discovered the island of Tonga in 1991 but later on discovered by her daughter, Sinaretta Schwenke. She is married to a Samoan in American Samoa in 1992.vhc hizo oh

Which is the famous sport of India?

i think the most famous sport in India is cricket

Is soccer a famous Brazilian sport?

yes soccer is a famous sport in brazil

What is the name of the famous wrestling sport from Japan?

Sumo Wresting is the most famous sport in Japan.

Who is famous in Tonga?

Akilisi Pohiva&Alani Taione., ,Alani Taione

Which is the most famous sport in US?

By far, American football is the most famous sport.

What sports do Sicily do?

sicilys famous sport is soccer wthout a dout. and i think its the famous sport bevuase its an open sport for everyone

What is Tonga famous for?

Rugby,boxing,singing yes we sing remember the jets?lol.

What is Egypt's most famous sport?

Egypt's most famous sport now is football or (soccer)

What is Beijing most famous sport?

Beijing most famous sport is beasketball and pingpong(table tennis).

Who is from Tonga that is famous?

Jonah Lomu! and Devolo a rap artist.

What was Queen Salote Tupou 3 famous for?

She established the Siasi Uesiliana Ta'utaina 'o Tonga Church. (the merging of Siasi Tonga Ta'utaina [Free Constitutional church] and Siasi Uesiliana [Weslyan church]).

What was Tonga first before it was named Tonga?

Tonga was always Tonga when it started. But it orgionally called the Tu'i Tonga Empire when it started in 900BC

Is Volleyball a famous sport in the US?

Its an Olympic sport, if that helps.

What is a famous Croatian sport?

Football is the most popular sport