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No, plenty have players have got a tour card without going to Q School, Rory McIlroy for example, he won a European Tour card from finishing high enough up the money list in tournaments he received exemptions in, them qualified for a PGA tour card from his world rank. Some players play a year on the Nationwide tour in an attempt to finish in the top 25 and win a PGA Tour card.

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Q: Is Tiger Woods the only PGA golfer that did not have to go to Q school?
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Where did Tiger Woods work?

The only job he has had is professional golfer.

What is the profession of Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is a professional golf player. Tiger has been playing golf since he was only 2 years old and he has been a professional golfer since 1996.

Why is Tiger Woods awesome?

He is the worlds number one golfer. He has 14 major tournament wins, second only to Jack Nicklaus. And he is considered to be the greatest golfer to ever play the game.

What is Tiger Woods career?

Tiger Woods is a professional golfer, he is probably the most recognisable golfer and a very famous world wide athlete. He turned pro in 1996 and since then has broken many of the games' records. He is currently the worlds' number one golfer, he has won 90 world wide professional events and has won 14 major championships which is second only to Jack Nicklaus who has 18.

Last time tiger woods and Mickleson did not make the cut?

Tiger didn't make the cut for the British Open. But, it's only the sixth time in 232 starts that Tiger has missed a cut. That is an amazing stat and he is an amazing golfer.

When did Tiger Woods star on 'The Mike Douglas Show?

Tiger Woods was famous for many things and in 1978 at the beginning of his golf career he was on the Mike Douglas show (which I did not see). This very a very sweet episode where a young woods swooned the crowd with his cuteness and showmanship that only a two year old golfer could do.

Is he the only Golfer uses Nike One Tour ball?

Is who the only player who uses the Nike One Tour? If you mean Tiger Woods, then no, most of the Nike staffers use the Nike One.

What is the name of Tiger Woods brothers and sisters?

Tiger woods in an only child

Who is the only golfer to win 3 of the 4 major tournaments in the same year?

Tiger Woods, he won The US Open, The Open and PGA Championship in 2000. He followed these with the 2001 Masters, the only player to hold all four major championship titles at the same time, this became known as the Tiger Slam.

What is Tiger Woods most famous for?

He is the worlds' number one professional golfer, with 92 professional victories including 14 major championships, he is regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, and is still only 34.

Golfer who won all 4 majors in the same year?

No one. No player has ever won the Grand Slam. But, In 2000/2001 Tiger Woods won the Tiger Slam which was the 2000 US Open, 2000 Open, 2000 PGA Championship and 2001 Masters, the only player to hold all four major titles at once, it was known as the Tiger Slam.

Was Tiger Woods the baby Oprah Winfrey lost?

No, Tigers Woods was the only child of Earl and Kultida Woods

Does Tiger Woods have brothers and sisters?

Tiger Woods did not have any brothers or sisters, he was an only child. Although he was very attached to his father. Tiger has 2 half brothers and 1 half sister.

Who gets paid more footballers or golfers?

It depends how good they are. Consider Tiger Woods in 2008 was paid $110 million and if you think a top English footballer would probably be on around $15 million or so a year. If a golfer is playing well there is a lot of money to be made, generally a successful golfer would make more than a footballer. However a footballer will be on a fixed wage, whereas the golfer only gets what he earns.

What sport has made Tiger Woods famous?

Only golf.

Has tiger woods played in New Zealand?

only in 2002?

Did Tiger Woods get a scholarship at Stanford?

Yes, Tiger Woods earned a golf scholarship to attend Stanford. He only attended for two years before deciding to go professional.

How far can Tiger Woods drive?

Tiger woods used to have a good hit his Nike driver he used to hit about 350 yards but now he only hits about 280 maybe not even that

What are the names of Tiger Woods parents?

Tiger was born December 30, 1975 to Earl and Kultida Woods in Cypress, CA. Tiger was an only child of his parents marriage but had 2 half brothers and a half sister from his father's previous marriage.

Who are Tiger Woods' siblings?

Tiger has two half-brothers (Earl, Kevin) and one half-sister (Royce) from his father's first marriage. He is the only child from his father's marriage to Kutilda Woods.

Who were Tiger Woods' siblings?

Tiger has two half-brothers (Earl, Kevin) and one half-sister (Royce) from his father's first marriage. He is the only child from his father's marriage to Kutilda Woods.

What are Tiger Woods favorite foods?

According to interviews, Tiger Woods favorite food is cheeseburgers. He also loves a side of fries with his burger. However, Tiger only eats junk food occasionally as he needs to stay fit for his career in golf.

Is tiger an only child?

He has two half brothers and a half sister, who his father Earl Woods had with his first wife. Earl Woods and Kultida Woods had no other children.

How many coaches does Tiger Woods have?

He only has one, Hank Haney. He used to be with Butch Harmon but the two fell out. Some criticised Tiger Woods for leaving Butch, a coach which he had so much success with.

How many wifes did Tiger Woods have?

Professional golf great Tiger Woods has only been married one time. His ex-wife is Elin Nordegren, and the couple divorced amid scandal in 2010.