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YES! Why wouldyou even ask that you know they are!!!! Long horns forever!!

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โˆ™ 2010-12-30 00:30:02
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Q: Is Texas Longhorns a better team than Texas A and M?
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Is Texas longhorns a better team than Arkansas razorbacks?

Texas is a better football team with 34 wins over Arkansas

Is Texas longhorns the school better than Texas A and M?

there is really no debate about it. personally i think Texas A&M has a better collage and a better football team.

Are ATM aggies better than texas longhorns?

Of course the AGGIES are way better than longhorns

Will Texas Longhorns win today?

yes because they have a better defense than alabama!

Is the Texas Longhorns better than the Florida Gators?

maybe they should meet in the championship

Does Miley Cyrus like the Texas Longhorns?

All gay people like the longhorns so if myley Cyrus is gay than she likes the longhorns.Last answer is wrong. Longhorns are the best college football team and everyone likes them.Only gay little girls like the aggies. The people who have a braib know this

Are the Texas Longhorns better than the OU Sooners?

The OU Sooners have more national titles. People will feel differently, though, depending on their allegiance to different schools and states.

Have the Oklahoma Sooners won more championships in football than the Texas Longhorns?

Yes! OU have won 7 and Texas has 4 wins

Who will win Texas rangers or athletics?

I think the Rangers could win. The are better team than the athletics

What is the most common breed of cattle in Texas?

From what I know, Brahman and Brahman-crosses like Brangus are more commonly found in Texas than any other breed including Texas Longhorns.

Texas became better known as the what rather than the republic of Texas?

Texas became better known as the "REGION", rather than the republic of Texas.

Is Oklahoma better than Texas?

Oklahoma has won more titles than Texas.The Longhorns have more Big 12 titles and more championship titles.Sooners have way more national titles than Texas and we have more conference titles. We also have more BCS championship appearances and more Heisman winners.-The controversy rages on...

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