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tariq is a good soccer player

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โˆ™ 2010-07-04 16:35:35
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Q: Is Tariq a good soccer player?
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What college did NFL player Tariq Edwards play for?

NFL player Tariq Edwards played for Virginia Tech.

How much does NFL player Tariq Edwards weigh?

NFL player Tariq Edwards weighs 235 pounds.

How tall is Tariq Edwards?

NFL player Tariq Edwards is 6'-02''.

How will fans remember David Beckham?

as a good soccer player with a plastic wife as a good soccer player with a plastic wife

Is there a test to see if you're a soccer player?

There are tests to see if you're a GOOD soccer player, but it's your choice whether or not you're a soccer player.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo good-?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a good soccer player. Going by his current form, he is the best soccer player in the world.

How old should a soccer player be?

A soccer player can be any age as long as they are good at soccer. Prime soccer ages are around 22 years old.

How did messi become a pro soccer player?

He got good a soccer

How much money soccer player get paid?

soccer player get piad between 100,000 1000,000 it is on how good you are

How much does an soccer player make?

It depends how good the player is.

Is conditioning necessary to become a good soccer player?

Yes, you have to be in very good shape to play soccer.

What skills are required to be a professional soccer player?

Being fit, healthy, a good team player, and above all, very, very good at soccer.

What is education is required for a soccer player?

There are no educational requirements for a soccer player. If you're good, you're good doesn't matter if you have have a Phd or if you are a school dropout

What is a soccer player?

A good sport picker

Do you have to have good grade to be soccer player?

not really

Who was the heaviest soccer player?

Soccer players are usually in extremely good shape because of the physical demands of their game. As of 2014, the heaviest soccer player is unknown.

Who is the best women soccer player in history?

Soccer was invented a long time ago, so there are tons of good women soccer players. But the current best women soccer player is Mia Hamm.

Who is the good looking soccer player?

Cristiano ronaldo

Who is a good left wing player in soccer?


Do baseball or soccer players earn more?

It depends on how famous or how good the baseball or soccer player is.

How good is jeyfer at soccer?

jeyfer is the best soccer player u will evur meet, dog!

Does Fernando Torres life in Newcastle?

no he is a good soccer player bot he is the best at liverpool no he is a good soccer player bot he is the best at liverpool

What famous people play soccer?

Drogba, Essien or Eto'o are some famous soccer player who are black but there are too many good black soccer player to mention them all.

What salary does a soccer player get per year?

If your a pro-soccer player and if your good like David Beckham he gets like $5,000 every game his team wins so it depends how well you are at soccer and how good your soccer team is *-*Anna Hodges*-*

What are the benefits of having good flexibility if you are a soccer player?

Answerif you have good flexibilty in soccer you are less likely to injure yourself.

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