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no he is a good soccer player bot he is the best at liverpool no he is a good soccer player bot he is the best at liverpool

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โˆ™ 2009-03-30 13:38:24
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Q: Does Fernando Torres life in Newcastle?
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Does Fernando Torres live in Newcastle?

Fernando Torres lives in London, U.K. with his girlfriend.

How old was Fernando Torres when Fernando Torres switched?

39 Torres was

What religion is Fernando Torres?

Fernando Torres is Catholic.

What is Fernando Torres facebook name?

Fernando Torres...

What is Fernando Torres sons real name?

Fernando Torres' full real name is Fernando José Torres Sanz

What is the birth name of Luis Fernando Torres?

Luis Fernando Torres's birth name is Luis Fernando Madriz Torres.

From which city is Fernando Torres?

Fernando Torres is from Madrid in Spain.

Is Fernando Torres cute?

Fernando Torres is a cutey but not really cute

What is Fernando Torres FULL name?

Fernando Jose Torres Sanz

Fernando Torres religion?

Fernando Torres Is A Cristian

Is Fernando Torres Catholic?

Yes, Fernando Torres is a Catholic Man.

What city was Fernando Torres born in?

what city Fernando Torres was born in

Who is better Didier Drogba or Fernando Torres?

clearly Fernando Torres

Is Fernando Torres married?

Fernando Torres is planning to get marred to olalla

What is Fernando Torres early life and education?

he has only school education

What are names of Fernando Torres parents?

Fernando Torres' parents are named Flori and Jose Torres and they are both Spanish.

When was Fernando Torres born?

Fernando Torres was born on March 20, 1984.

When did Fernando Torres join Liverpool?

Fernando Torres joined Liverpool in 2007.

Fernando torres's house address?

Fernando Torres's home address in Chelsea?

Is Fernando Torres a gay?

Fernando Torres turned gay when he left Liverpool

What is Fernando Torres's birthday?

Fernando Torres was born on March 20, 1984.

Does Fernando Torres like fans?

Yes Fernando Torres likes his fans.

Did Fernando Torres score at the 2010 world cup?

no Fernando Torres did not score

What is Fernando Torres is baby called?

Fernando Torres baby is called Leo

What is Fernando Torres' Nationality?

Fernando Torres is Spanish and is on the Spain National Team