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Q: Is Stevie g the best footballer in the world?
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Who is the best footballer inliverpool football culb?

Stevie g

World best football midfielders?

Stevie g

What is Steven Gerrard nickname?

Stevie G, Stevie, British Bulldog.

Who was the first footballer in England to receive a red card?

youHI G .best was the first player..

What nicknames does Steven Gerrard go by?

Steven Gerrard goes by Stevie, and Stevie G.

Is Stevie G packing up?


Did Gerrard havr a nick name?

Stevie g

Who is Liverpool's capin?

I assume you mean captain Stevie g

What is gerrard's nickname?

He is pretty universally known as 'Stevie G'.

Does Gerrard have Facebook?

Search> Steven Alfredo Gerrard Stevie G

The best player for Liverpool is it Gerrard?

well i am a Chelsea fan but i reckon that Stevie g is the best player for Liverpool by far because he has been there ever since being a kid and has become one of he best midfielders in Britain!

Who does Stevie g sport?

I think the word you are looking for is 'support' and he supports Liverpool