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No, Connor.k. is. DUHHH

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Q: Is Steve Nash the best NBA player?
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Who is better Nash or Kobe?

Kobe sucks Steve Nash will screw him and lebron Steve Nash is the best nba player

What college did NBA player Steve Nash play for?

NBA player Steve Nash played for Santa Clara.

Is rick Nash and Steve Nash brothers?

Rick Nash (NHL Hockey player) and Steve Nash (NBA Basketball player) are not brothers.

Who is the fastest player in NBA?

Steve Nash

Who is the most supportive player in the NBA?

Steve Nash

Who is the best two guard in the nba?

Steve Nash

Who is the famous NBA player in Canada?

Steve Nash is Canadian.

Who is the best 3pt shooter in NBA jam?

Steve Nash

Who is the oldest active NBA male player?

Steve Nash on the Suns

Is Steve Nash the best point guard in the NBA?

No, Stephen Curry is.

What NBA player won the most valuable player award?

Steve Nash of the Pheinix Suns

Who is an NBA player?

An NBA player is a professional basketball player. Some examples of NBA players include Lebron James, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.

Is Steve Nash important?

Steve Nash is important for Canada because he go to the nba and my Canada's better name in NBA.

How are rick and Steve Nash related?

Steve Nash of the NBA and Rick Nash of the NHL are not related whatsoever.

Whats Steve Nashs number?

Steve Nash is my favorite NBA player of all time. HIS NUMBER IS 13!

Who is Steve Nash's best friend in nba?

Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks

Who is the best free threw shoter in the nba?

ray Allen and Steve Nash

Who has the best free-throw percentage in the NBA?

Steve Nash Or Ray Allen

Who was the NBA MVP in 2006?

Steve Nash.

Has Steve Nash ever dunked?

In a NBA game Steve Nash has never dunked but in his past he has dunked a few times.The reason why is just because he is not a very tall player

Is Steve Nash dead?

No, Steve Nash is not dead. He is still playing for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA.

Did any NBA player have a 100 percent free throw average before?

steve nash did

What NBA player has the most playoff game appearances without making it to the Finals?

Steve nash

Who is the oldest nba player still playing?

Steve Nash is the oldest player playing in NBA currently. He is 40 years old and is playing for Los Angeles Lakers.

Who has the worst hair in the NBA?

Steve Nash