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Cristiano Ronaldo is currently a famous soccer player from Portugal. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima was a famous soccer player from Brazil. He is now retired as a player.

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Q: Is Ronaldo a famous soccer player?
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Famous soccer players whose name starts with r?

Roberto Carlos is a famous Spanish soccer player. Alvaro Recoba is a famous soccer player. Ronaldo is a famous Brazilian soccer player.

Famous Brazilian soccer player?


Who is Cristriano Ronaldo?

He is a famous soccer player for Real Madrid!!! He is the best soccer player in the world!! He is AWESOME!!!

How was the most famous soccer player in 2009?

Christiano Ronaldo.

Who is the world famous Brazilian soccer player?

Pele and ronaldo

Is Cristiano Ronaldo a real human?

Yes he is. He is a famous Portugeuse soccer player.

Why is Christiano Ronaldo famous?

He is a great soccer player. Quite handsome, too.

What famous soccer player is number 28?

Cristiano Ronaldo is number 28.

Who is the most famous soccer player on Earth?

Ronaldo, messi,Pele,and David

How old is the famous soccer player Ronaldo?

ronaldo the portugalian is in 2009 240 years old birthdate february 5th

Who is a Famous Portuguese soccer player?

Cristiano Ronaldo would be the most famous Portuguese soccer player. Some others include Deco, Quaresma, Nani, and Ricardo (goalie).

Most Famous SOCCER Player?

There are many such as Pele, maradona, Messi., Rivaldo and Ronaldo.

What is a Ronaldo?

Ronaldo is a professional soccer player

How did Cristiano Ronaldo become famous in world history?

Most expensive soccer player in history

What famous soccer players wear number 17?

Christiano Ronaldo was a famous soccer player who wore a Number 17. Also, Maxi Rodriguez wore a Number 17 jersey. Ronaldo played for Portugal and Rodriguez played for Brazil.

Who is the best soccer player in the world nowaday?

The world's best soccer player nowaday is Lionel Messi

Left wing player in soccer?

The most famous left wingers are Ryan Giggs and christiano Ronaldo.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo good-?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a good soccer player. Going by his current form, he is the best soccer player in the world.

Does Cristiano ronaldo the famous soccer player in real Madrid has a girl friend?

Oh yes he has a girl friend.

What sport is Cristiano Ronaldo famous for?


Is Chrisiano Ronaldo a brilliant soccer player?

Chrisiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese soccer player, who plays for the Spanish club "Real Madrid." He could be considered a brilliant soccer player, he is even the captain of the Portugal national team.

Whos the richest soccer player?

Omar Bravo is the richest Soccer Player... RONALDINHO and ronaldo

Who are the most famous enemies in soccer?

rooney and ronaldo

What is ronaldos sport?

Ronaldo is a soccer player (otherwise known as futbol in other countries) There is a Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for real Madrid in Spain and a Ronaldo who is a famous Brazilian striker who currently plays in the Brazilian league

Who is the worst soccer player?

The worst socceer player is ronaldo