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Q: Is Rick Ross richer than Wayne Rooney?
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Who is richer between Lil wayne and Rick Ross?

According to the latest american rap music riches grade i saw online, Lil Wayne is richer than Rick Ross. Dickson.

Who is richer Rick Ross or Drake?


Who is richer Drake and Rick ross?


Who is richer Rick ross or birdman?


Who is more richer Rick Ross or jay-z?

Jay z by far.

Is Rick ross paralyzed?

No , lil wayne did not tell anyone he is ..

Who is better rick Ross or Lil Wayne?

Are you kidding me? Lil' Wayne can't rap for his life.

Who has Rick ross dated?

Birdman Lil Wayne trick daddy

Who wrote inkredible?

Trae ft. lil' Wayne and Rick Ross

What is the name of the song of lil Wayne and Rick ross?

There is more than one.

What is Lil Waynes latest song?

It is called "John" by lil Wayne and Rick Ross

What two rappers had acting parts The Italian Job?

Lil Wayne and Rick Ross

What two rappers had acting parts in Italian Job?

Lil Wayne and rick ross

Which two rappers had acting parts in the Italian job?

lil Wayne and rick ross

Is Rick Ross a gang member?

YES HE'S A Blood like Lil Wayne he's my unle lil wayne is

Who got more money lil Wayne or rick ross?

Wayne net worth- 95$ millionRoss- $28 million

What is rick ross's real name?

answer is......... rick ross

Who is better Rick Ross or Nicki?

Rick ross

Who are all in ymcmb?

nikki minaj lil Wayne rick Ross lil twist drake....more

Is Rick Ross Haitian?

No, Rick Ross is not Haitian. He is American.

Does rick ross smoke?

Yes Rick Ross smokes.

Is rick ross gay?

yes rick ross it gay

Is rick ross the rapper dead?

No, Rick Ross is alive.

Is Betsy Ross related to rick ross?

yes betsy ross is a g like rick ross

Is rick ross hatian?

Yes Rapper Rick Ross is Hatian.