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Reggie Bush is fast, but I highly doubt he can outrun a lion. Animals like lions are naturally faster than humans when at their best than when humans are at theirs'.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-25 21:03:48
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Q: Is Reggie Bush faster than a lion?
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Who is faster reggie bush or ladanian tomlinson?

Reggie Bush runs the 40 in 4.4 range and is faster than LT.

Is Devin Hester faster than Reggie Bush?

yes devin Hester is faster than reggie bush in the 40yard dash devin ran 3.9 and reggie ran 4.3

Is Tom Brady faster than reggie bush?

Definitely not

Is Reggie Bush faster than Randy Moss?

Yes reggie Bush is. Reggie runs a 4.32 40 while moss runs a 4.41

Who is faster reggie bush or Adrian Peterson?

reggie is not as fast as adrian but can out run defenders more than reggie can.

Is reggie ross a better fotball player than reggie bush?

No reggie Bush is hotter, faster, and more better no you see reggie finklea is hotter and better! from-Chris Thomas

Is LT better than reggie bush?

Reggie Bush

Who is better Tim Tebow or Reggie Bush?

Tim Tebow is better than Reggie Bush by a landslide. Reggie Bush did'nt deserve the Heisman Trophy, Tim Tebow earned the Heisman. ********************************************* Wow really. Reggie Bush is way better. Reggie won two nation championship games, and played in a total of three. Reggie Bush can catch, run, and return the football. He is faster then Tim Tebow too.

Who's faster Reggie bush or Devin Hester?

Devin Hester ran a 3.9 sec 40 yd dash, and reggie ran a 4.33 40 yd. dash. Devin is a little faster than reggie.

Who is better Reggie Bush or Deuce McAllister?

Reggie Bush is better than Deuce McAllister there is no question about that

Is a lion faster than an impala?

A lion is not faster than impala

Does a lion run faster than an elephant?

yes lion is faster than an elephant

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