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Q: Is Ray Jennings still plays for the Cleveland browns?
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Does Scott Fujita play football for the Cleveland Browns?

Scott Fujita is a lineman who did sign to play football for the Cleveland Browns. As of today Scott Fujita still plays football for the Cleveland Browns.

Did Colt McCoy get traded from the Cleveland Browns?

No. Currently, Colt McCoy is still a member of the Cleveland Browns.

Is Mike Holmgren still coaching?

No. He is presently President of the Cleveland Browns.

What year did the Browns move to Baltimore?

The Browns played in St. Louis between 1902-1953. They moved to Baltimore for the 1954 season and became the Orioles.

Which teams still haven been to super bowl?

Cleveland Browns Detroit Lions Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars

How many draft picks do the Cleveland Browns have in 2010 draft?

11 (Even if it still wont make them any better ;)

What about Ken Jennings wife's death?

Ken Jennings' wife is still alive...

Where did the team Baltimore Ravens originate from?

The Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996 after stadium issues with the city of Cleveland. Cleveland was allowed to keep the "Browns" intellectual property, name, team colors, etc. The players, farnchise, and owner (Art Modell) moved to Baltimore. The name "Ravens" was chosen as the winner of a name the team contest, to pay homage to Edgar Allen Poe who was born in Baltimore. In 1999 the NFL awarded Cleveland an expansion team. That team assumed the name "Cleveland Browns" and continued play with all the team records and history of the franchise that moved to Baltimore.

What is the Cleveland Browns mascot?

"The Browns are represented by a brown dog wearing a Cleveland browns helmet. The true browns' fans can buy tickets to sit in what they call the "Dog Pound", which is right next to the browns' endzone" Actually, the Brown currently have four mascots. CB a bull mastiff; Chomps a Lab; TD a German Shephard, and Trapper a Weimaraner. They used to have an elf, Brownie, but have since replaced him with these dogs. We still have the Dawg Pound, and now have Browns Backers which is the browns official fanclub. The "Dawg" thing started with Hanford Dixon barking with teamates on the field and fans in the east endzone seating could hear that and joined in, hence the "dog pound" prior to the Dawg craze the browns mascot was Brownie the Elf and is still found on a lot of Browns merchandise

What is QB Graham Harrell jersey number?

At Texas Tech it was #6. Right now he's working out with the Cleveland Browns and I'm pretty sure it is still #6.

Does Trent Richardson still play for the browns?


Davis cleveland Is this account still works Davis123456789?

Davis Cleveland Instagram account @davis123456789 is still working.