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Q: Is Putin trying to bring back the Soviet Union?
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How did the ideologies of the us and the Soviet Union bring about the cold war between the Soviet Union and the us?

Because, U.S wanted a democratic government and the soviet union wanted a communist government

What changes did Lenin bring to the Soviet Union?

Lenin changed the nations names to Union Of Soviet Socialist Replubics or the Soviet Union. He also organized the Communist Party into a strong, tightly run group.

Where efforts to bring privatization to the soviet union began with what?

mikhail gorbachev

Efforts to bring privatization to the soviet union began with?

gorbachevs reforms

Gorbachev's policies and the fall of the Soviet Union?

His foreign policy helped bring about an end to the Cold War, while within the Soviet Union he introduced major reforms ( glasnost and perestoika). The downfall of the Soviet Union was a result of long periods of economic depression.

How do you think democratic reforms will affect the study of sociology in the former Soviet Union?

it would bring out the freedom that the soviet union needs, and also it would all the published researchs would be notified

Why were the us and the Soviet Union opponents?

The US and the Soviet Union were opponents during the Cold War period of 1945-1990, because they had different ideologies and objectives for the world. The US wanted a world based on the free market, democracy, and independent nations, while the USSR was trying to bring about a world of a command economy, dictatorship, and control of all nations by the USSR.

How did the Central Aisia republic under Soviet control gain their independence?

the soviet defeat in Afghanistan helped bring an end to soviet power in 1991, the soviet union broke up the five soviet republics of central Asia became independent nation

Soviet leader who made changes in Soviet Union?

Okayy... Soviet leader who made changes in soviet union? I believe it was Gorbachev. Then there's a quetion that says what kind of changes glasnost bring to the Soviet Union? So I really don't know if it's accurate that Gorbachev made changes.. but it's my best answer, because that's the only leader I've read about. :) HOPEFULL this helps you if it's not too late by now!

What changes did World War 2 bring?

The United States and The Soviet Union became the major powersources of the World! :D

Why did the soviet union want to bring communism to Greece and turkey?

The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism to Greece and Turkey in order to expand its sphere of influence and establish communist regimes in key strategic locations. This would have allowed the Soviet Union to have greater control over the region and potentially create a buffer against Western capitalist influences.

Why did the soviet union and the US become enemies?

The Soviet Union were communists and the United States were Democracies.