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Proto is a division of Dye, much like Chevrolet is a division of GM.

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Q: Is Proto Paintball and Dye Paintball the same company?
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What company owns Proto paintball?

Proto paintball is the sister company of Dye Precision. Their gear is extremely similar to Dye products and is targeted to new players just getting involved in paintball who do not have large budgets. However, you will see Proto gear being used throughout all levels of recreational and competitive paintball.

What is dye paintball stock symbol?

I believe that they are a private company.

What is the difference between Proto and Dye Markers?

They are basically the same company just different names. Their products are nearly identical. There is even some speciaulation as to Proto discontinuing the PM8 because Dye wanted to use that is "new" technology for their guns

Does the green beret sell paintball slider shorts?

No. Some popular companies for slider shorts though would be Dye, Proto, and Redz.

Is there any difference between the Proto barrels and Dye Barrels?

Not really, in fact, many players use the Dye backs and a Proto tip.

What is a dye rotor v3?

The newest electric paintball loader from DYE

What is a Dye NT?

This is the newest in Dye markers. The bolt system is the same to a proto rail, though the barrel, ASA, and bodies are different. The NT has a price around $1500

What are the best and most protective types of paintball masks?

From the retailer, Choice Paintball Guns, there are many paintball masks which are safety rated and stylish. Some of these masks are Dye Invision I4 Pro, Proto Axis Pro Mask, Save Phace DISS Series, and V Force Armour Goggle. The prices range from $25 to $120.

What paintball hopper feeds the fastest?

The dye Rotor.

What is a dye marker?

They are top of the line paintball guns.

What is a good speedball brand for paintball?

Dye is one.

What barrel thread does a proto slg use?

The threads are autococker threads. All proto and dye guns have autococker threads.

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