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Q: Is Peyton Manning better at football then Michael Jordan at basketball?
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What athlete has a name starting with an m?

· Magic Johnson (basketball) · Marcus Allen (football) · Maria Sharapova (tennis) · Mark Spitz (Olympic swim champion) · Marshall Faulk (football) · Martina Navratilova (tennis) · Meadowlark Lemon (basketball - Harlem Globetrotters) · Mel Ott (baseball) · Merlin Olsen (football) · Michael Jordan (basketball) · Michael Phelps (Olympic gold medal swimmer) · Michael Vick (football) · Muhammad Ali (boxer) · Moses Malone (basketball) · Archie Manning (football) · Eli Manning (football) · Peyton Manning (football) · Mickey Mantle (baseball) · Willie Mays (baseball) · John McEnroe (tennis) · Art Monk (football) · Vernon Earl Monroe (basketball) · Stan Musial (baseball)

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basketball Michael Jordan football r.moss r.bush

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During Micheal Jordan's childhood he loved to play baseball, as well as some basketball and football aside of it.

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Basketball: Michael Jordan Football: Troy Akmin Hockey: Wayne Gretzky Baseball: Josh Hamilton Soccer: Pele All Sports: Michael Jordan, without a doubt

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a Michael Jordan Air is a Basketball Shoe

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The god of basketball is Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan

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eli manig is beter

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the card is worth $20,000. I have a autographed Michael Jordan basketball card

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Michael Jordan made his slam dunks on the basketball court during basketball games.

What will Michael Jordan remembered for?