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probably turf or grass

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Q: Is Oakland football stadium grass or turf?
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How do they change the Oakland stadium from a football field to a baseball field?

Ashtro turf

Is the Qualcomm stadium field turf or grass?

The Stadium has natural grass.

Is Penn States Beaver Stadium Grass or turf?


Is the field at Gillette Stadium natural grass or turf?

its turf

Is Yankee Stadium grass or turf?

Both Stadiums have been grass.

Is Lucas oil stadium turf or grass?


Does heroes stadium in san antonio have artificial turf or grass field?

artificial turf

What is sports turf?

sports turf is fake grass. used in football a lot. its more comfortable.

On what would one play football?

A field of grass or turf

Is the NFL Buffalo Bills field turf or grass?

The playing surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium is Astroplay (field turf).

Is lsu football field turf or real grass?

Not always it depends

How much do a football field?

turf is usually about $100k, grass about 40k

What type of surfaces are used for playing football?

Natural grass, artificial turf, and the new manufactured turf which looks like grass but made out of rubber.

Is it necessary to water a football field?

If it is natural turf, aka grass yes

Is American football on artificial ground?

Some football fields are artificial turf and some are real grass.

Which stadium holds the movable football pitch?

Reliant Stadium Houston has a movable pitch system from turf company Strathayr

What are the two possible surface tyoes fora football field?

Grass and Astro turf.

What is difference between Grass Turf and Astro Turf?

Grass turf is natural grass. Astro turf is artificial and is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass.

Does the Dallas Cowboys' stadium have real grass?

No. Cowboys Stadium utilizes a type of field turf, which is one of the latest generations of artificial turf. It consists of small, synthetic blades of grass, coupled with a layer of small rubber pellets that are supposed to soften a football player's fall. The turf is laid out strips of carpet that are five yards in width, and reach from sideline to sideline. The base of the stadium floor is concrete, and the retractable dome roof is usually closed, so maintaining a natural grass playing surface is not practical. The stadium uses two playing surfaces; a pro-style field for NFL games and a NCAA college football playing surface, which has a wider hash mark separation in the middle of the field. The turf is usually removed for concerts and other non-football related events. Experts claim that not only is field turf more cost-effective than natural grass, but it is also safer, as athletes are less likely to suffer the types of knee ligament injuries that occur on grass from having their feet planted down in sod and then trying to pivot.

What is the difference between turf grass and real grass?

Turf Is Thicker And Grass Feels Thinner

Do all football fields use artificial grass?

No some football fields use natural grass. Most football stadiums are switching to artificial turf because it is cheaper and easier to maintain.

Is the Miami Dolphins football field filed turf or grass?

The dolphins suck so nobody cares.

What do NFL players play on grass or turf?

Some stadiums have grass and some stadiums have turf.

Is the HHH Metrodome real grass of turf?

Artificial Turf.

What type of grass is in Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa AL?

Bermuda 419. Grown at Riverview Turf in Vernant Park, Alabama.