Is NHL 11 good

Updated: 12/8/2022
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ya, its got great graphics and fun game modes like gm mode and be a pro mode where you can be drafted to an nhl team. Overall, its worth the money

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Q: Is NHL 11 good
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What is the best NHL video games?

The best game can depend on what you have. NHL 2K11 is really good and has great dekes, but NHL 11 is also good and works on more platforms. NHL 12 and NHL 2K12 will be coming out soon so your might want to wait for those.

Is Joe Sakic featured in NHL 10 NHL 11 or NHL 12?

No, He Is Not :(

What game is better NHL 2k 11 or NHL Slapshot?

NHL 2k11

Can you do the NHL winter classic on NHL 11?

No you cannot.

Who will be the cover athlete on NHL 11?

The new cover athlete for NHL 11 will be Jonathan Toews.

Who is going to be featured on the cover of NHL 11?

Jonathan Toews will be featured on the cover of NHL 11.

Will NHL 12 have the ohl teams in it?

yes it will it had it in the nhl 11 too

Does NHL 11 have every old team?

NHL 11 has all of the old jerseys but none of the old players.

What are some good games for the ps3?

modern warfare 2 modern warfare 1 nhl 10 madden 11 nba 11 and infamous

Should you buy NHL 11 or Madden 11?

Madden has not made any real improvements over the past few years, get Nhl 11

How do you delete a team on NHL 11?

go to "my nhl 11" and go on save,load,delete and click on the team and delete it

Who is the best player to score with in NHL 11?

The best player to score with in NHL 11 is most likely Steven Stamkos.