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No, Muhsin Muhammad left the Bears after the 2007 season and went to play for the Carolina Panthers.

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Q: Is Muhammad still a Chicago Bears player?
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Is Brian Urlacher dead?

No, he is not. Brian Urlacher is still a linebacker on the Chicago Bears.

Is Devon Hester still playing football?

Yes he is. He is on the Chicago Bears and play WR.

Are any of the original NFL franchises still in the NFL?

Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals.In 1920, the NFL's first season, the Bears were known as the Decatur Staleys and the Cardinals were known as the Chicago Cardinals.

What are the only 2 NFL franchises still around from the league's inagurial season?

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What team does Bria Urlacher currently play for?

Brian Urlacher is an American football linebacker. He played for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League. While he is still affiliated with the Chicago Bears, he is currently a free agent.

What player for the Chicago Bears wore number 9?

While the number is still in use, currently by PK Robbie Gould, the most notable to where the number was "the Punky QB" Jim McMahon. The only Bears quarterback to win the Super Bowl

When were the Chicago Bears formed?

The Chicago Bears are one of the two charter NFL franchises still in operation today (the other being the Arizona Cardinals). The Bears, in 1920, were the Decateur Staleys, named after their owner. In 1921, the team moved to Wrigley Field & became the Chicago Staleys. In this time frame, George S. Halas was purchasing control of the club from Staley. In 1922, Halas was the league's first player-coach-owner for his new team, the Chicago Bears, the new nickname inspired by their home field (Wrigley Field, which is the legendary home of baseball's Chicago Cubs). The short answer: The franchise began as an original NFL franchise. The team known as the Bears were first assembled in 1922.

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Jay Cutler was traded to the Chicago Bears on April 2, 2009.

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You never know, im from chicago, and i still don't think they will win, the jets are pretty good this season though....

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