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No. She is a public figure and it is clear she is in love with her husband.

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Q: Is Mrs Obama having an affair at the Olympics?
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Did Mrs Obama knew about the Bin Laden killing operation?

Yes. Barack Obama breifed her after having sex with her a week earlier

What is Barack Obama's mum called?

Mrs. Obama

How tall are President and Mrs. Obama?

President Obama is 6 feet 1. Michelle Obama is 5 feet 11. (It should be noted that Mrs. Obama is one of the tallest First Ladies.)

What is Mrs Obama's first name?

Michelle (OBAMA)

What is an examlpe for a politican?

Mrs. Obama

Does Mrs Obama have a shake weight?


How tall is mrs. Obama?

She is 5'11".

How should I address Michelle Obama in writing letters?

She is addressed as Mrs. Obama. (Dear Mrs. Obama:) You would not refer to her as Michelle, which would be rude (too casual-- you don't know her); and there is no terminology called "Mrs. First Lady," so don't use that either. Also, when addressing the envelope, "Mrs. Michelle Obama" is correct, according to several experts on etiquette.

Who is the first lady?

The first lady's name is Mrs. Michelle Obama Michelle Obama

Who watches Obama's kids?

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson-Obama's mother, Mrs. Robinson.

How old is Mrs Michelle Obama?


Who is the wife of the 44th president?

mrs. obama

What is Michelle Obama favorite food?

Mrs. Obama is a major proponent of healthy eating. She enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables, and wrote a book about having an urban garden. But sometimes, she also enjoys steak or chili or or pie.

What first lady spent the most money while in the white house?

Taking into account inflation, I'm going to say Mrs. Obama will end up having spent the most.

Did Mrs roosevelt and joe dimaggio have an affair?

Highly unlikely.

What is mrs carlisle's role in The Affair Of The Twisted Scarf?

She is the murderer,

Where is the Obama wife citizenship?

Like the President, Mrs. Obama was born in the US and is a US citizen.

What is the Dress size of Mrs Obama?

12 8

Does President Obama Smoke?

mrs. obama said he has not smoked in a yearHe used to but has now quit.

What is the proper written salutation for Michelle Obama?

"Madame First Lady" or "Mrs. Obama" are both acceptable.

What is the birthday of President Obama's wife?

Mrs. Obama was born January 17, 1964 in Chicago, IL.

How old was Obama when he met Michele?

48 when he meet mrs. obama good luck good luck.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Tichborne Affair - 1977?

The cast of The Tichborne Affair - 1977 includes: Aileen Britton as Mrs. Skinner

Who is Barack Obama's wife and children?

Michelle Obama (born Michelle Robinson) is his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Obama have two children: Malia Ann Obama, and Natasha Obama (better known by her nickname, "Sasha").

When did Michelle Obama get inducted into the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority?

Mrs. Michelle Obama is NOT an AKA. Upon becoming First Lady, the AKAs decided to make her an honorary member. Mrs. Obama is no more an AKA than she is a Delta, Sigma or Zeta.

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