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Yes Michael Jordan is famous world-wide!

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โˆ™ 2011-03-25 19:06:06
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Q: Is Michael Jordan famous world wide?
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Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Michael Jordan?

Sonic the hedgehog due to being a world-wide figure. Many countries don't watch basketball.

Which football position did Michael Jordan play in high school?


What is the most famous Doll in the whole wide world?

The famous doll in the whole wide world is Barbie.

Who is the inventor of world wide web?

Jordan Bolton

How did Michael Jackson Influence Justin Bieber?

He made Justin want to become famous and world wide know and also helped with his dancing !!! Justin learnt to sing from Michael Jackson songs :)

Who is the most famous tenage celebrity in the world?

right now... probably Robert pattinson because of twilight, all the buzz is making him a sensation! or Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter kid he is incredibly famous world wide. and at his time, Michael Jackson was... and still is renown world wide as an adult

Who is the singer in the whole wide world?

Michael Jackson

What are the most albums sold world wide?

Michael Jackson's Thriller album with about 110 million sales world wide.

Famous world wide competitors in synchronized swimming?

no there are no famous competitor

Is sponge bob famous world wide?

Sponge Bob is really really famous world wide . I know that kids in Russia can watch Sponge bob everyday

Who were the famous sports figures in 1998?

The most famous is probably Michael Jordan who led the Chicago Bulls to win the NBA Finals. He was the MVP of the series as well. As for the NFL, wide receiver Randy Moss made an impact on the league by becoming the Rookie of the Year and in baseball, Sammy Sosa won MVP.

Are OneRepublic world wide famous?

barack obama

Are the beatles famous world-wide?

Yes; they are probably the most famous band in history.

How much Michael Jordan get paid?

About $10,000,000 per year!!!!!!!!! I know this because he is my dad's friend!!! My dad plays wide receiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh ya

What was Iran famous for?

Iran is a world wide importer of gasoline.

How many records did Michael Jackson sell world wide?

750 million

Who has worn number 88 in football history?

The most famous was Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin.

How can you find out where General Michael S Tucker is now?

If General Michael S Tucker is still enlisted, you will need to contact the world wide locator service.ÊDue to security reasons, the Army has closed their World-Wide Locator Service to the general public.

How did Louis Armstrong become famous?

He became famous by playing Jazz world wide.coolo

Who is famous dairy writer?

Anne Frank is probably one of the most famous world-wide for her diary.

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i quess because he is famous all over the world

Who is more famous world wide Floyd or conor mcgregor?


Is kristin Fleming famous?

yes of course she is world wide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

How many records has Michael Jackson sold world wide?

over 750 million

Who is Scotland's most famous singer?

Annie Lennox from Aberdeen is Scotland's most famous singer world-wide.