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== == == == hello he is in smackdown

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Q: Is Matt Hardy still in WWE?
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When does Matt hardy and Jeff hardy goes to WWE?

not for sure. Matt Hardy is already in the WWE though.

Is Matt hardy still with WWE diva ashely?

No they are no longer dating

Who is older Jeff hard or Matt hardy in WWE?

Matt Hardy

Is Matt hardy going back to WWE?

Yes, Matt Hardy is back at WWE and is currently in the RAW brand..

Are jeff and matt hardy still feuding?

No. The storyline feud in the WWE is over

Who is older WWE Matt or jeff hardy?

Matt Hardy is the older brother

What happen to Matt hardy?

Matt Hardy is still around. He left the WWE and as of August 2014, he is under contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Was Matt hardy ever WWE champ?

Matt was never WWE Champion.

Is WWE diva Ashley married?

No but she did date Matt Hardy. No but she did date Matt Hardy.

Will Jeff hardy get a rematch with Matt hardy?

Matt hardy does not wrestle any more so i guess as far as this goes they are not gonna wrestle against each other... Matt is still wrestling just not in TNA or WWE

What woman like matt hardy?

The Wwe Diva Kelly Kelly does like Matt Hardy

Is Matt Hardy dating WWE diva maria?

Maria and Matt Hardy Arent Dating! It Was A Storyline for wwe! Maria has a boyfriend in real life and Matt Is single

Is Matt Hardy still wrestleling in wwe?

No he quit already I am really not offended by it. He stunk anyway

Why dont Jeff hardy and Matt hardy team back up in the wwe?

Because Jeff Hardy has left the WWE to join TNA Wrestling and Matt Hardy has retired. So, they both cannot team up back in the WWE

Is jeff hardy and matt hardy really in a fight?

No. It was a WWE Storyline

When will Matt hardy return to the WWE?

he alredy did

Will matt hardy come back to WWE?


When Did Matt Hardy Sign For WWE?

In 1992

Who is Matt hardy dating in the WWE?


Who and who from WWE are brothers?

Matt and Jeff Hardy

Is Matt Hardy Returning to WWE 2012?


Is Matt hardy in the WWE?

No. He is currently in TNA.

Does WWE Melina pregnant by Matt hardy?


What started that Matt and Jeff hardy feud?

As per the WWE storyline it was because Matt hardy was jealous of his brother Jeffs popularity and success in the WWE

Where are Rhyno and Matt Hardy?

Matt Hardy is in TNA currently and Rhyno is gone from both TNA and WWE.