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The combined weight of Big Show and Mark Henry is 853lbs (387kg). With Big Show's weight being 441lbs (200kg) and Mark Henry's being 412lbs (187kg).

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no mark henry is not

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Q: Is Mark Henry heavier then the Big Show?
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Who is fatter mark Henry or big daddy v?

Mark Henry isn't fatter mark has muscle .big daddy v is mostly fat and flubber

Will the big show get revenge on mark henry?

He already has, each time Big Show and Mark Henry fought, Big Show won clearly. The question should be will Mark Henry get his revenge on Big Show? The answer is probably not. Big Show is 507 pounds but Mark Henry is only 411 pounds ,and Big Show is 7"1' and Mark Henry is simply 6"6'.

Who is stonger big show or mark Henry?

Big Show

Are there any diabetics in pro wrestling?

Yes there is including the Big Show, and Mark Henry. Mark Henry is diabetic but Big Show is not!

Who would win mark henry or big show?

Of course mark henry.

Will big show and mark Henry fight on vengeance?

maybe,because mark henry put the chair in the ankle of big show that's why big show revenge.big show returns

Is Mark Henry stronger then Big Show?

No the big show is way stronger then the big show

Who is better big show or mark Henry?

Mark Henry, isn't he the world's strongest man? So in my opinion mark Henry is better

Who is bigger big show or mark Henry?

There has been multiple arguments over which is (bigger). I believe it is Mark Henry

Who is the biggest WWE superstar?

The Big Show and Mark Henry

Is big show better than mark henry?


Who is the fatist in WWE?

either big show or mark Henry