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Manchester United are a far better team.

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Q: Is Manchester United better than Liverpool?
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Is Liverpool better than Manchester United?

Manchester United are much better than Liverpool FC. Manchester United FC has many more honors.defnently Liverpool are better than manu!

Who is better Liverpool or manu?

Manchester united are equily god but Manchester united wins Liverpool more than Liverpool wins Manchester united

Which club is better Liverpool or Manchester United?

This answer, if based on statistics, would result in people concluding Manchester United is better due to the fact that they have more Premiership titles than Liverpool, since Liverpool has 18 and Manchester United has 19.

Who is best man u or Liverpool?

now listen Manchester united are a good team but Liverpool are better than Manchester united

Is Liverpool better that Manchester united?

Manchester United is now far better than Liverpool but back before the premier league was around, Liverpool was the better team. Although Liverpool have won more championsleagues Manchester united has won 16 out of 21 premierships so Manchester United at the moment is the better team. In the last 4 meeting Liverpool has outscored united 10-2, Therefore even though manu is winning the premier leaugue, Liverpool is capable of beating them any day.

Why is Manchester united better than Liverpool?

At the moment they are more successful possibly due to the great management of Sir Alex Ferguson, but overall Liverpool have won more trophies than United.

Which city is further north Liverpool or Manchester?

Manchester is just a few miles further north than Liverpool.

Is the Liverpool primark better than the Manchester?

no the Manchester one is simply better xx

Is Liverpool better than Manchester?

Manchester United are a far better team.

Is arsenal better than Manchester united?

Arsenal is way better than Manchester United and Manchester City!

Is Bolton wanderers better than Manchester United?

Manchester united is better than bolton

Who is better Liverpool of Manchester united?

it differs from time to time .i personally prefer Liverpool.and Liverpool won more league championships more than any team in England.

Where does the planet go if the gravitational pull is removed?

Leighton Baines is the best player in the world. He is better than everyone than the entire Liverpool stff and organization. He is almost tied with the players at Liverpool, but he isnt as good as them yet. He is way better than all the players at Manchester United. Manchester United are the conversation for one of the worst, if not theh worst football clun in the history of the world. There is also a new show on ABC called Lost, andn it is featuring all of the Manchester United staff andn organization

Are Barcelona better than Manchester united?

Barcelona are far better then Manchester United.

Aren't Liverpool better than Manchester united?

they probably are if you remember the 4-1 win at old trafford and dossena's brilliant goal

Who has played for Manchester city and Manchester united and everton and Liverpool?

Look no further than Peter Beardsley

Is Manchester United better than Chelsea fc?

Manchester United is a better than Chelsea F.C. as Manchester United are ranked 3rd in Europe and Chelsea F.C. are 7th.

Does Liverpool have more fans than Manchester United?

manchester has more fans meaning theyre more popular, but liverpool fans are more passionate towards their club

Who is better out of Manchester city and Manchester united?

Manchester United have a better history and had some really good players in history but Manchester City as of 2014 is better than United although you can think what you want about both teams

Are liverpool better than united?


Does Liverpool have more championships than Manchester united?

Yes.Liverpool 18,Man.Utd 17.

Has Liverpool football club got more cups than Manchester united?


Is Inter Milan better than Manchester United FC?

At the moment, Manchester United are better than Inter Milan, :) (2012)

Manchester city are better than Manchester unnited easy?

manchester city are crap and manchester united are the best team and are very good and better than manchester city.

Who are better man united or arsenal?

Manchester united are better than arsenal