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Q: Is Major League Baseball softball or hardball?
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What is the difference between Major League Baseball and major league softball?

A baseball is smaller and harder than a softball.

What is the RBI softball league?

The RBI league has both baseball and softball programs .the league was designed to help get inner city kids involved in playing baseball and softball. RBI stands for Rebuilding Baseball in the Inner cities. These programs were started by ex-pro baseball player ,MR John Young . The programs are facilitated by The Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Sponsors include Major League Baseball and KPMG.

Is there a major league softball?

There is professional softball. They play in the United States as well as other countries such as Japan. any player can play for any team, even if they are not from the area. In this aspect, it is just like major league baseball.

How many softball players are professional in the major league?

9 just like in baseball on the field but im not sure how many total on a team

How long is it inbeetween homebase and 1st base?

It depends on what level of baseball or softball. Major League: 90 ft.

Is there a difference between men's softball bats and women's softball bats?

yes there is a difference because a major league baseball bat is wood and a girls are metal. also i minor leagues girls say softball and boys say baseball. once my friend was using a baseball bat and was hitting better. in softball you can not use a baseball bat! ---- never use a baseball bat in softball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much does a softball player get paid?

Professional softball players, of course, get paid. However, they do not earn nearly as much money as Major League Baseball players. The Olympic Team that will compete in Beijing this year does get paid, more than the professional softball players, but again, not as much as the average Major League Baseball player. For example, Jennie Finch drives a van, NOT a Ferrari.

Why are they going to eliminate baseball and softball in the Olympic games?

Speculation over reasons for removal of baseball and softball from the Olympic games include, but may not be limited to: * IOC anger at American Major League Baseball "for refusing to suspend the season and allow Major League Baseball players to participate in the Olympics"[3][4] * "Conspiring" by IOC President Jacques Rogge[5] * The "domination of American women in softball"[6] * "A lack of fan support"[6] * The way Major League Baseball tests and punishes its players for drugs[4] * The unpredictable length of baseball games[7] * A pro-Europe bias of the IOC[8] * An anti-American bias of the IOC[9].

What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball

How big is a softball at the major league?

It's the same size for everything

Is Jenny finch a major league softball player?

yes No...she is retired.

Major league baseball?

Yep, Major League Baseball or MLB.