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dude r u serious?

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βˆ™ 2010-02-16 14:26:33
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Q: Is Major League Baseball baseball still going on?
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Are there websites that answer Major League Baseball rumors?

MLB, Major League Baseball, rumors abound and there are about as many websites to discuss them as there are rumors. Rumors as to what a team is going to do, or who is going to be traded are prolific and ongoing.

When is ncaa going to make a college baseball game?

Well... on mlb 2k10 there is a choice of major league or minor league teams.

For the first time in history how could people see a major league baseball game besides going to the baseball park 8-26-1939?

By watching it on TV.

What is the furthest that a baseball has been hit in Major League Baseball?

I would suggest going to Elias Sports Bureau's website, you may be able to find the answer there. Link is below.

How much does a baseball major league player make?

average is probably around 3 million, if I had to guess, which I don't, but am going to anyway.

What percentage of major league baseball players have pitched a game at some point in their life?

Going back to 1871, out of 17172 baseball players, 8240 have pitched in at least one game, 48%

Are Soccer cleats legal in little league baseball?

no one is going to complain in little league

Was ella Fitzgerald a baseball fan?

Yes Ella was a major baseball fan she loved going for the Bronx bombers

Why are they going to eliminate baseball and softball in the Olympic games?

Speculation over reasons for removal of baseball and softball from the Olympic games include, but may not be limited to: * IOC anger at American Major League Baseball "for refusing to suspend the season and allow Major League Baseball players to participate in the Olympics"[3][4] * "Conspiring" by IOC President Jacques Rogge[5] * The "domination of American women in softball"[6] * "A lack of fan support"[6] * The way Major League Baseball tests and punishes its players for drugs[4] * The unpredictable length of baseball games[7] * A pro-Europe bias of the IOC[8] * An anti-American bias of the IOC[9].

How long did Derek Jeter go to college?

Derek Jeter was going to attend college, but then he got an invitation to major league baseball. so he didnt attend college.

What is the most dangerous Major League Baseball lineup?

The Yankees with Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle & Joe DiMaggio. They are going to winn the WS This year and Ruth will win MVP.

Is MU going to host the Junior League State Baseball Tournament?

Yes. I think so

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