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Liverpool is the best team ever! I am telling you the truth! Do you want to know who is the worst team is...Manchester United!!

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yes they are

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Q: Is Liverpool the best football team ever?
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Which is the better football team out of Liverpool and Manchester united?

Liverpool are the best football team ever so don't Dis LIVERPOOL THROUGH AND THROUGH

Who is the best football team Aston Villa or Liverpool?

Liverpool the team i hate

What football team are the best?

in England there is a football/soccer team called Liverpool. THEY ARE THE BEST.

Who is the best barclays football team?


What is tyga favorite football team?

Liverpool, the best team ever!!!

Which premier league football team is the best?


Who was his best football team?

Liverpool fc

What is the best English premier league football team?


Does Liverpool have a ladies football team?

Yes Liverpool has a ladies football team.

Is Liverpool the best football team or is Manchester United?

Manchester United are the better team.

Who started the cheerleaders for the football teams?

Liverpool are the first team ever to get cheerleaders In American football, it was the Baltimore Colts.

Who are the best football teams?

Without a doubt, Liverpool FC are the best football team in the world!! Not only are they the most successful English football team in history, but they have amazing fans who will support them forever. Manchester United are officially the worst football team ever.