Is Kobe Bryant a rapist

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Innocent people don't give away millions of dollars to their accusers to make it 'go away'.

Kobe's victim now has a multi-million dollar estate in Avon Colorado and in 2007 gave a one million $$$$$ donation to a woman's rape crisis and recovery organization.

That's a lot of money! Kobe really wanted to make it 'go way' didn't he?


In all fairness...Katelyn Farber, the alleged victim in the Kobe Bryant assault case, refused to testify and the charges against Mr. Bryant were dismissed. There was a civil suit filed against Mr. Bryant that was settled out of court. While many view any such settlement of a law suit as an admission of guilt, lawyers, judges, and those wishing to avoid the publicity and/or cost of defending such cases will tell you that is an assumption that is improper, and unfair, to make. Only Mr. Bryant and Ms. Farber know for sure what happened in the hotel room that night.

i reckon your wrong

We don't know. All we are aware of is what the evidence that is provided to the public indicates and their [Kobe and the alleged victim] words and statements about their sexual encounter.

In this country you are innocent until proven guilty, and since the alleged victim decided not to testify, we have to decide for ourselves. This is what I know:

1. She changed her story three times.

2. Her panties were soiled by another man's sperm, in other words, she slept with someone else before or after she slept with Kobe.

3. She bragged about sleeping with Kobe Bryant to friends at a party.

4. She refused to testify, this was after she changed her story for the last time.

5. Her behavior is not that of a rape victim. If you study rape cases and behavioral patterns of women who were raped, you will see no matching patterns.

6. Her behavior matches well with that of an extortionist. She filed a civil suit and was awarded money. 9 times out of 10, rape victims want to see their rapist rot in prison. She was fine with money.

This does not prove that he is innocent but it does support his claim that they had sex, not that he raped her. No one knows but Kobe, the alleged victim, and God. I'll choose to rely on the information that is provided and that tells me that the person who is likely the liar is that girl.... not Kobe.


There is no obligation of presumption of innocence in the general public; this applies specifically to a jury hearing a case.

Only two people know what occurred, Farber and Bryant. Keep in mind that the fact that she had intercourse with another person at some point prior does not mean she could not have been sexually assaulted. Consenting to be alone with someone does not mean a sexual assault didn't occur.

There is also no one way a victim responds to rape. Various witnesses reported that Farber was upset; others said she was calm. Farber told at least one coworker that Bryant forced her to have sex with him; she told others at a party that she had sex with him, but did not mention rape. Speculation abounds. The fact is that Bryant, who was expected to stay in town for a further period of time, immediately left the area after the evening of the alleged assault. He has never provided any public explanation of this sudden change of plans.

The fact is that the victim, via the prosecutor's office, did file charges. She did want this case prosecuted. Many non-celebrity rape cases have followed a similar pattern -- either the charges aren't pursued (for reasons only known to the prosecutor's office) or the perpetrator pleads to lesser charges. Public opinion often supports the celebrity; many accusers in these kinds of cases receive harassment, even death threats. Farber had to deal with this. It should be noted that Farber never has retracted her accusation against Bryant, nor has any proof of falsifying testimony been corroborated.

As far as the civil suit, rape victims with non celebrity perpetrators have also filed them. These women face the same accusations of gold digging that the plaintiffs in celebrity rape cases face. The majority of wealthy celebrities are not accused of rape, are never brought up on rape charges, and never are involved in civil suits for sexual assault. The reasonable assumption is that these wealthy celebrities do not commit sexual assaults. If this was such a successful strategy to wreck a celebrities life and profit from it, where are all these gold digging women lying about rape in order to sue Tiger Woods? Lance Armstrong? Bill Gates?

While there are statistics that indicate around 2-10% of rape accusations are false, what still is true is that the accused in the majority of rape cases did, in fact, commit the crime. Kobe Bryant appears to be no exception to this rule; in fact, his case played out exactly in the same manner that many celebrity perpetrator's criminal cases do.

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Here we are sure he never was in jail ever.

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Q: Is Kobe Bryant a rapist
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