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depends on one's perception.

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Q: Is Kevin durant the best bsketball player in the world?
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Who is best basketball player in the world this year?

Kevin durant

Who is the best basketball player in the world today?

Kevin Durant is the best player due to all of his records

What is the difference between an fact and in opinion?

A fact is a true statement and a opinion is something that someone thinks. opinion: Kevin Durant is the best basketball player in the world. fact: Kevin Durant is on the Oklahoma City Thunder and wears the jersey number 35.

Who are some of the best basketball players in the world?

Lebron james,kyrie irving, micheal jordan, kevin durant,chris pual,and MEEEEEEEEEE

Dwyane Wade is the best basketball player in the world?

No Kevin Garnett is

Who is the highest paid basketball player in the world?

Kevin Garnett is, at $24.75M a year (2008-9).

Who were the first nine justices of the US supreme?

John F. kennedy barock obama james harden gorge washington abraham lincoln george bush lebron james kevin durant metta world peace

What is Kevin Jonas's job?

He is the lead guitar player and background singer for the world-famous band, Jonas Brothers.

Who was awarded the player of the series for the T20 World Cup?

Englands very own Kevin pieterson with an average of 62

Which player made the fast century in cricket worldcup?

Kevin O'Brien against England in world cup 2011

Who was the last English player to win the world player of the year award?

The last European player from England was Kevin Keegan he won it twice the only English footballer to win it twice,

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Yes, yes there is. He is funny and smart and handsome. Also a great hockey player.

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