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No, Kelly Kelly is not dating anyone in WWE.

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Q: Is Kelly Kelly dating someone in WWE?
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Related questions

Who is kelly kelly dating in the WWE?

She isn't dating anyone in the WWE. Shes dating someone from los angeles

Who is kelly kelly from WWE dating?

WWE's Justin Gabriel

Are Wwe Kelly Kelly and Edge dating?

shes dating dx

WWE kelly kelly who is she dating in real life?

Kelly Kelly is currently dating Sheldon Souray.

Should kelly kelly from WWE and edge from WWE date?

Edge has a live in girlfriend and Kelly Kelly is dating Justin Gabriel

On WWE who is Kelly Kelly dating?

She is currently dating a wrestler that works for New Japan Wrestling

Who likes kelly kelly in the WWE?

ricky x Kelly is dating Justin Gabriel

Is sheamas of the WWE married?

No, he is not married but he is dating Kelly Kelly. June 2010 - He is not dating Kelly Kelly and has never dated Kelly or any of the other divas!

Does kelly kelly have a crush on a WWE superstar?

No she doesn't she is dating a hockey player

Is WWE Justin Gabriel and Kelly Kelly Engaged?

no they are not engaged, just dating

Who is kelly kelly dating in 2012?

The WWE Diva Kelly Kelly has been dateing Sheldon Souray.

Who is WWE superstar Kelly kelly dating right now?

Kelly is dating a hockey player, the only wrestler she dated was Batista for a month.

Which WWE superstars and divas are dating in 2011?

I believe Kelly Kelly and Justin Gabriel are dating. And of course Jomo and Melina.

Is WWE kelly kelly married?

Kelly Kelly is not married, but she is dating Canadian Ice Hockey Player, Sheldon Souray.

Does WWE diva kelly kelly have a boyfriend?

Diva Kelly Kelly is currently dating Nexus member Justin Gabriel

Who like's kelly kelly in WWE?

Jason Sharp a soon to be superstar who has not yet come on the scene but is dating kelly kellyi do NOT like how people keep changing my answers. BUT yes i DO like kelly kelly. do you?Kelly is not dating anyone named Jason Sharp nor is Jason in the WWE

Who is kelly kelly date?

Kelly Kelly was dating former WWE/ECW superstar Test. But after his death, she is single. Kelly Kelly did not date Sheamus.

Who is aj lee dating in the WWE 2013?

aj is dating daniel brian and jonh cena and cm puck and eve kelly kelly but she said no so now she not dating kelly kelly anymore but she is dating chris chorikol and she is a hoe.

Is kelly kelly dating someone?

Yes a hockey player

What WWE divas are single and not currently dating?

kelly kelly is dating someone out of wwe maryse is dating ted dibiase eve is dating r - truth the rest of the divas are single Don't know where u got your info but it is wrong Maryse and Ted are storyline not real life in real life Maryse is dating the Miz and Ted us married. Kelly is dating Justin Gabriel. Melina is dating John Morrison naytala is dating Tyson Kidd Eve us not dating R-Truth.

Who is kelly sotherton's boyfriend?

If you mean WWE diva Kelly Kelly, she was at some in 09 RUMORED to be dating Jeremy Piven.

Is the Miz dating someone in the WWE business?


Who is WWE kelly kelly dating?

she is currently in a relationship with NHL Dallas Stars player Sheldon Souray

Who does WWE kelly kelly date?

Cody Rhodes July 2010 the person above is a lair! Kelly Kelly is NOT dating Cody Rhodes! She is happy dating a wrestler who wrestles for New Japan.

How strong is WWE kelly kelly?

very but not like a man she is strong for someone her size