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There not full brothers, Just half brothers. So lets just say Yes. Hope this helped!

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Q: Is Kane the undertakers real brother?
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Is Kane the undertakers brother?

Yes he is the undertakers brother.

Who is undertakers brother in wrestling?


Is undertaker and Kane is real brother?

They are not related in any way. they are not real brothers. it was just story line whice kept them connected.

Is paul bearer Kane and undertakers brother?

no you ding dong Kane and undertaker are brothers paul bearre is their father and in real life Kane is the half blood brtoher

What was Kane' s and the undertakers last name?

They are not related! Kane real name is Glenn Jacobs Undertakers real name is Mark Calaway

Is undertakers sister called Kane?

No, Kane (real life name Glenn Jacobs) is Undertaker's step-brother in the WWE, but it is only a kayfabe, or storyline.

Who is Undertakers family?

i don't now but he,s brother is Kane no other details Kane and Taker are not brothers in real life.

Why was he called Kane?

Because undertakers real brothers name was Kane

Is WWE Kane really the undertakers brother?

No, they are in no way related.

Did Randy Orton kill the undertaker?

No, the undertakers brother, kane, did.

Undertaker has a halfbrother in WWE who?

Kane is Undertakers storyline half-brother.

Is Kane undertaker real brother?

yes they are brothers and paul bearer is not kanes father the undertakers dead father is kanes father