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Yes he is the undertakers brother.

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Q: Is Kane the undertakers brother
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Who is undertakers real brother?


Who is undertakers brother in wrestling?


Did Randy Orton kill the undertaker?

No, the undertakers brother, kane, did.

Is WWE Kane really the undertakers brother?

No, they are in no way related.

Who is undertaker brothers and sister?

All i know is that Kane is the Undertakers half-brother.

How did undertakers parents die?

undertaker brother Kane killed them when undertaker and Kane were smaal so sad

Undertaker has a halfbrother in WWE who?

Kane is Undertakers storyline half-brother.

Are Kane and and the undertaker twin wwe?

Kane is undertakers little brother in wwe but off-set they are not even related

Is Kane and the under brothers or half brothers?

They are half brothers. I know this because on the DVD set "undertakers deadliest matches." He says that Paul Bearer was the father of undertakers half brother Kane.

How old is Kane the undertakers half brother?

He was born April 26,1967(age 44)

Who is Undertakers family?

i don't now but he,s brother is Kane no other details Kane and Taker are not brothers in real life.

Is undertakers sister called Kane?

No, Kane (real life name Glenn Jacobs) is Undertaker's step-brother in the WWE, but it is only a kayfabe, or storyline.

Is paul bearer Kane and undertakers brother?

no you ding dong Kane and undertaker are brothers paul bearre is their father and in real life Kane is the half blood brtoher

Is the Undertaker and Kane real brothers?

yes they are brother i know bcse i saw real undertaker and kane together in undertakers skype they said that they are real brothers

Is Kane and the undertaker brothers?

Actually yes they are. If you watch WWE then you will clearly see that Big Show and Jericho are taking The UnderTaker down, but all of a sudden Kane The Undertakers brother comes and kicks Big Show's and Jericho's asses. The commenter will say Kane is Undertakers BROTHER and they will go head to head the brothers of destruction will face Big Show and Jericho. So it will be Kane & Undertaker brothers of destruction VS Big Show and Jericho. By Hadi

What was Kane' s and the undertakers last name?

They are not related! Kane real name is Glenn Jacobs Undertakers real name is Mark Calaway

Why did cane kill undertakers family?

first u spell it Kane not cane second wat r u talking about Kane is his brother he didnt kill anyone

Is Kane undertaker real brother?

yes they are brothers and paul bearer is not kanes father the undertakers dead father is kanes father

Why was he called Kane?

Because undertakers real brothers name was Kane

Who killed undertakers parents?

Kane did

Is Kane the undertakers real brother?

There not full brothers, Just half brothers. So lets just say Yes. Hope this helped!

When will undertakers streak end?

If anyone should end Undertakers streak it should be Kane with out his mask

Is Kane and undertakers Mom And Dad dead?


Who burnt down undertakers house?


Does Kane really wear a mask?

Kane is the Undertakers brother, the story was, the Undertaker set a fire at his families Funeral Home which killed his family but Kane escaped with burns all over his face/body. A few years later when Kane was unmasked he had no burns and the story was his scars were emotional scars.