Is Jordan a boys name

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It can be a boy or a girl's name. Like Alex, Darcy, or Mal.

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Q: Is Jordan a boys name
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Is the name Jordan a male or female name?

its for both boys and girls

Who is the real name of Jordan from broke straight boys?

His name is Scott Pruitt

Is Jordan a common name?

yes, Jordan, (there are many ways of spelling that name), is a common name. though more so for boys, it can be for girls too.

What is a good M or J boys middle name?

Michael Jordan

What can be a boys name or a file?

Boys names can be the following, Joe, Devin, Jordan, Danny, NICHOLAS, BRANDON, BRYAN,

What is broke straight boys Jordan's real name?

There are several Jordans, which one ?

Is Jordan mainly a girl or boy name?

Jordan can be either they both r good for boys and girls i know a girl Jordan and a boy Jordan so i say what ever the sex is of the baby go for Jordan bc it is a great name i know a Jordan smith and a Jordan Shawn don't they both sound great!!!!!!!!! i think they do !!!!!!

Who are the other Gryffindor boys in Fred and George's year?

I can only name one and it's Lee Jordan

What was the boys name that accused Michael Jackson?

In 1993 it was Jordan (Jordie) Chandler and in 2003-2005 it was Gavin Arvizo.

What does Cody Simpson want to name his kids?

Corina and Jordan if they're boys Jessica and Elisabeth if they're girls

Is the name Jordan mostly a boy or girl's name?

Judging from the people I know, girl. But Jordan is just one of those names that works with both boys and girls. My sister and i both have a friend named Jordan, they are both girls. But i know one jordan, a high school boy on my bus. I'd say girl, but by all means, do not hold back to name a boy Jordan!

How do you say my name is Jordan in German?

my name is Jordan = ich heiße Jordan or less commonly my name is Jordan = mein Name ist Jordan

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