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No, John Terry of Chelsea FC is not related to Patrick Alfred Terry

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Q: Is John Terry of Chelsea related to ex player Pat Terry of Millwall?
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Who is the Chelsea highest paid player?

Chelsea highest player is John Terry.

Who is the richest player in Chelsea FC?

John Terry

Chelseas richest player?

The richest Chelsea player is John Terry.

Which soccer player have number 26?

John Terry (Chelsea)

Who is Chelsea's most capped player so far?

John Terry

Who earns highest at Chelsea fc?

The highest payed player at Chelsea is John Terry who gets 150,000 pounds a week.

Who is the highest paid soccer player in 2008?

John Terry - Chelsea in England I think..

Who plus best player plus Chelsea?


What Player Has Been On Chelsea The Longest?

John Terry has been a member of the Chelsea Football Club since his youth days back in 1995.

Is John Terry the captain of Chelsea?

He is Captain of the Chelsea team

What famous football player wore 26?

Edgar Davids for Juventus and John Terry for Chelsea

Who is the captin of Chelsea?

John terry

Who is captain of Chelsea?

john terry

Who is the captain of Chelsea?

John Terry

Who is Chelsea the captain?

John Terry.

What can soccer player do?

laugh at man u loosing 1nil to Chelsea and a john terry header muahahhahah

What famous soccer player wears 26?

John Terry captain of Chelsea in the English Premier League

Who is the chealsa richest player?

Chelsea richest players is John Terry, with a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds.

Who is the captain of Chelsea FC?

John terry

What premiership club does John Terry play for?

John Terry plays for Chelsea.

How long has john terry been at Chelsea FC?

He has been at Chelsea since 1995.

Who is Chelsea fc captain?

John Geogre Terry is the captain of Chelsea football club.

Who replaced John terry?

no one replaced john terry he still plays for chelsea

How long has terry been Chelsea captian?


Who dos john terry play for?

He plays for Chelsea.